Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ted Cruz arms Nuclear Islam and Kills the Tea Party

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the real world of Ted Cruz, never accomplishing a thing in America for Americans,  Ted Cruz was busy though giving image Obama executive action on Obama giving nuclear bombs to Muslim terror Iran, along with 150 billion in terror funds.

Now you will hear a great deal about that 150 billion donation to Iran from Homo Hannity, but you will never hear a word of the reality that Ted Cruz signed off on this. Yes the reality that Saudi Arabia has now moved nuclear warheads into Turkey to intimidate nuclear armed Russia with image Obama moving NATO nukes into Turkey in the Obama Syrian war, and Ted Cruz joined hand in hand with image Obama to make this a nuclear war environment.

That is the kind of disaster that Ted Cruz was in the US Senate. Besides the reality that Ted Cruz is set upon carpet bombing terrorists, which will not kill them, but flush them into Europe and America.

Once again Rafael  Ted Cruz in real foreign policy which is a disaster now moving toward nuclear confrontation as we are in an NUCLEAR STANDOFF with Russia now, and under treaty to get sucked into this nuclear war.
Is this the kind of future you want as that is what Ted Cruz has already sentenced you to?

If you can handle more of the Real Ted Cruz, here is his latest caper.

Do you remember the Tea Party being destroyed in Sharon Engle in the west and Christine O'Donnell in the east?  That was Texas Senator John Cornyn behind this in the NRSC, or the National Republican Senatorial Campaign, and they blew out every candidate in the Tea Party across the board from Colorado to Alaska.

Do you know where they dumped all their money to?

California and that worthless Carly Fiorina who everyone rejected in the GOP primary as she is a disaster and was a disaster in the destroying of Hewlett Packard.

Did you know who floated Carly Fiorina 500,000 dollars from a Super Pac? Why it was Ted Cruz. Does it make a bit more sense in why the Havana assassin in Ted Cruz who was trying to take out Donald Trump was fronting this intelligence stooge Fiornia of the CIA.......who destroyed the Tea Party candidates?

Are you starting to get uncomfortable yet?

How about this one in Ted Cruz was behind the destruction of a Conservative challenger in Mississippi for the Senate seat held by that senile Thad Cochran..........yes Ted Cruz destroyed the Conservative in Mississippi for the ESTABLISHMENT'S CANDIDATE.

"It’s also worth noting that the NRSC was behind that campaign of destruction. And since these activities technically count as “Grassroots Outreach,” I’m guessing that the guy who was the NRSC Vice-Chair of Grassroots Outreach at the time was 100% on board with it all.
What was his name, again? Oh, that’s right! It was Ted Cruz."

There is absolutely no denying any of the above. Ted Cruz was the VICE CHAIR OVERSEEING THE ANNIHILATION OF EVERY TEA PARTY CANDIDATE and  has placed America in the Muslim nuclear crosshairs.
Does it make a bit more sense why Ted Cruz was trashing Sarah Palin and her Tea Party choice of Donald Trump?

I have told all of you that Ted Cruz is not just a Canadian invader, but he is a confessed conman in Reverse Speech, he arms Muslims with nuclear weapons and now threatens America with a nuclear war, and politically Rafael Ted Cruz was behind the political genocide of every Conservative Republican across America, while inflicting up on us defeats and more of California Barbara Boxer and senile Thad Cochran in Mississippi.

Now Rush Limbaugh who is in Big Koch's pocket, Homo Hannity who is in some one's pocket, and Mark Levin who has Ted Cruz up his ass, all vouch for Ted Cruz, as Ted Cruz has been lying to all of his followers that he is some Tea Part champion and foreign policy expert.
Ted Cruz has done all he could to kill the Tea Party and he has now put the nuclear kill shot on every American from nuclear terrorism.