Monday, February 15, 2016

Scalia's Left Flank

Justice Scalia and Justice Kagan Hunting

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if Sandy read my note concerning Justice Scalia in an update here, because many people have literally been distraught over this. It is why I have been particularly incensed about the fringe feeders in Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones spiking this death as an assassination in the most ghastly of terms....that the old man was suffocated with a pillow.

I desire you to put yourself in the Scalia family's place in this. They are dealing with the death of someone they love. The leftist trolls are laughing and celebrating over the death of man who never hurt any of them or ever would. The Scalia family is now facing people bitching at them for not having an autopsy, when none was necessary. The Scalia now has to face a rumor that Justice Scalia was murdered, when that was not the case.

I informed all of you at the start of this that I inquired, and it said that Mr. Scalia died of a heart attack (a silent heart attacks is heart attack) and that he was not assassinated.

I did pick something up in the matrix which was warning of what was being generated, as in the process of how I inquire, I observed a wave trying to push this to assassination at the start.

This is what I desire to explain, as this entire Scalia propaganda spin was generated from the top of Mockingbird. It had clearance, and I will explain how you can be certain of this.

A very long time ago, I was listening to a journalist who was a Christian on Moody Broadcasting out of Chicago. In the interview, she pointed to a nationally known broadcast reporter who all of us sees nightly, who she said would sit and just cackle and laugh in front of his monitor, typing out stories which were absolute lies, but were intended to smear every one of you.

Do you know who started the Scalia assassination story? The first spin on this was ABC news. The same ABC which had Diane Sawyer in a special promoting that Columbine revisited would have all children analyzed and if they respond now to having ever been sad, they would be deemed psychologically depressed, and therefore denied as an adult to ever purchase a firearm.

ABC just as George Stephanopolous and Diane Sawyer in 2012 elections for Mitt Romney, told his supporters for hours that Florida was in play, and were laughing about it all, because they knew the fix was in and what they were doing was pissing on each of you, just to torment you, and they were enjoying it thoroughly.

So when ABC puts out a story that Scalia is Dead, No Foul Play Found, that story just does not happen. It is planned by the reporter, the director and the station manager locally. ABC New York had a hand in this, and the local squat reporters know how this game is played. They type their lies locally, and the cartel in New York admires how much they can fuck with the locals, and when they do a good enough job, they get to be Jake Tapper and Megyn Kelley.

I will tell you how this story was composed and you can bank on it.

The story about Scalia being found dead, was met with, "Well who killed that bastard. Let's give the son of a bitch a medal.", followed by laughter.
As everything is sorted out, and it is disappointed that no white Christian voting for Trump was found anywhere, it was thought about how to spin this.
ABC had the lights go off and say, "Well you know those cranks we have trained, have every event as some kind of conspiracy, let's give them something to gnaw their guts out over," and with that, they tag the story with "No Foul Play", to seed the idea into the story.

There is always something off in every death, and in Scalia's case, he probably suffered from sinus problems or a different bed with light coming in, and jet lag as he had been overseas, so he put a pillow over his eyes, but Drudge and Alex Jones make that the banner headline.....and next thing you know, the Scalia family looking to have their loved one rest in peace, is being harped at for a lack of an autopsy.....and questions of why embalming took place so soon.
For those who need reminding of their loved ones death, the morticians always embalm quickly and 24 hours is normal.

Let us return to the ABC cesspool, which was built with CIA funds, the same Cap Cities funds which built Limbaugh and still feeds Levin, and the cackling conversation said, "Let's say no foul play, and make the family gut that old fuck like fish. Let's have his brain weighed out in a scale, before they put Scaliastein back together again."

These are sadistic creatures in media, and you have witnessed their operations against Donald Trump for Cruz, Rubio and Bush recently.

I am informing you of this, not to sicken you or to make anyone more upset, but to educate you in something obvious that you can now see. Big Jew funds Drudge and Jones, so what their axe to grind with Scalia was, I am not going to get into it in their Obama voter block. But just be certain that this is how this was all plotted and carried out, and those who invoked this sadistic plan will be offered a big market job in Texas, and if they like spending time on their knees they can just move to New York, and like Dan Rather not seeing anything as John Kennedy's car drove by and Bob Schieffer impeding a police investigation by sitting down and talking with Oswald at police headquarters, and both were rewarded with CBS jobs, those behind this ghoulism will be rewarded, as that is how one moves up the food chain in this Mockingbird business.

They have been having a great deal of joy in following this. Stephanopolous smirked a few times at the stories, and critiqued it in how he could have done it better, as these local West Texans are shit for brains.

The point is as I stated at the beginning of this. Do not be suckered by it nor pulled into it. Do not recoil now or be emotional. Just apply yourself to the only objective which you can affect the outcome, and that is voting for Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump is going to take these horrid people out and do it legally in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.
I doubt that the skirmish in the Senate will need any of our help, as they hate us and ignore us already. McConnell says he will not allow an Obama troll to be on the Supreme Court. That is more for the donor class and for McConnell to move that early, it means they are scared that this lezbo fag court is going to be ruling on confiscating their millions and billions next, because they could care less about America or Scalia.

That is the lesson in this and I am weary of too many posts, but I am trying to save you, from wasted energy and diversions. It would not matter if Scalia was murdered, as the same people who did not say a word about Andrew Breitbart, are not going to make a difference in a murdered Judge. You have to effect the things you can affect. That means creating such a voting surge for Donald Trump, that he can put this GOP primary to bed, and begin the process of building such a huge block that whatever crook or commie the democrats put up, they will be defeated.

Focus on the absolutes in Scalia is dead, Mockingbird at ABC deliberately tried to gut this old guy, is mind raping his family, and soul raping you. Do not let it happen. Get up and move forward in getting Donald Trump the landslide victory, and burying all these bastards who are all trolls of the same cartel which is enjoying this torture ABC is attempting to subject you to.

You do exactly as General Grant did in the Wilderness Campaign. You get up every day and move by the left flank and fight this out. If you need to be reminded of what the cartel did to Scalia and death for reason to move on, then do it, but do not move off the objective in winning this with Donald Trump.
Sorrow is a luxury for those who are rich and in power. Make them cry in November and have Donald Trump put them on their knees over all their emotional and psychological crimes.

This Scalia propaganda was particularly heinous and cruel. Get up and move by Scalia's left flank and win this by God.

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