Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sinclair Gas Card

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I may not be able to donate to any of you, but I do try and help when I find things that help and are a good deal.

I have a Sinclair fuel card in which I receive 10 cents off per gallon in winter and 5 cents off in the summer. I have to buy Sinclair fuel, as it is not at every outlet, but as I have stopped traveling long distances now that TL is here, it is pleasant to pull up the pump, swipe this gas card, have the discount applied and get 50 cents back off the purchase.

I am one of those people who never let my vehicles get below 3/4 of a tank. I always run full in case of an emergency, and in winter, keeping a tank full, stops the condensation in the gas tank, so I never have fuel line freeze ups.

Sinclair, in my location runs blended fuels, or ethanol and soy diesel. The diesel is a 50 50 blend, and the enthanol is anywhere from E 10 to E 85 which is really cheap. I have been running ethanol, since I was a child using a International M in the wintertime. I always felt I got longer runs on the ethanol and it certainly made the fuel system run better, as long as the system was clean from the start.
I believe in paying farmers  and states like Iowa who make ethanol, rather than OPEC oil terror Islam, and by running ethanol, I have never had to put a can of HEET in my tank as the ethanol dries the system out.

This is not about green energy though, but about Sinclair green cards. I have never had a problem with them, it operates like a credit card, and I pay it off each month.
I am trying to figure out how much I save in is a little over 13 dollars a year I save in using this card just in doing errands for Mom and us.

Discover also has a 5% cashback on their card for gas, for three months in the winter. It is also a very good deal, and Discover has done more for me than all credit cards combined.

I am not aware of what the programs are for other gas companies, but I know several have cash discount cards. I had tried another company but was refused........think it was because Mom was on the ap too and had no credit history in plastic, but any way, once Sinclair got my second application in figuring out my name was La'me and not as the gal on the phone heard it after it was spelled to her in Lahmay, the card arrived and I could not be more pleased with it.

I think this card has a 700 dollar limit, and I never spend that anyway, and with gas prices down, it is not like I will be buying 500 gallons of gasoline, even if I could afford it.

I just believe that people should save 10 bucks a year if they can, wherever they can. I witness people always paying in cash, and most of it is old people, or other people who do plastic and never bother with the Sinclair card, which is just horse and buggy or slovenly stupid.

I never was a child of plastic. TL sort of schooled me in the constant use of the swipe,  but I always careful with it, never spend anything unless I have the money to pay for it, and I use my cards as cashback to pay me money. If it is 10 cents a gallon on gas, I will use that card. If I make a purchase I pull out the Discover cards, and Discover debit which I have too, also pays me money back........but you have to keep money in that account or they will nail you on overdrafts.
It is just nice to see your statement that you have 1.32 earned in cashback, when I consider my local bank card gives me nothing back.

It does take discipline, but it is also something my Uncle mentioned which I do too, in he kept one personal card which he used for all of his lawnmowing business. It all came itemized every month, and for income taxes, it was all laid  out for him, for an easy add up and deductions.

This is my way of giving back, if you are an adult and can discipline yourselves. I can use 13 bucks a year instead of giving it to Big Oil. If Sinclair, which is an American company can give me a refund for my business, I will gladly buy their green fuels over these Mexican stations now looting money from the land.

So that is the Sinclair gas card, do with it what you want.
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