Friday, February 5, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oliver Twist was asking the sir here, for "more" and was requesting an explanation for Dominionism as this title has become the secret password of Ted Cruz's marching Jesuits and Corn Fed Evangelicals. It is  the word which has Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno putting all of us on terror watch lists and their Obama press screeching about Christians being like Islamists.

This Dominion Theology is based upon the taking out of context of the command the Father gave to Adam and Eve, to have dominion over all God created. It is the antithesis of the movement in Christianity of "render under Caesar the things which are Caesar" that keeps the American majority from voting in elections, as they were brainwashed into thinking that God was not involved in "separation of Church and State" politics.

It was the great reformer, John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, which was taken as the basis for a modern writer named Rousas Rushdoony, who brought this about to a point of moving Christianity into a political movement, to counter the counter culture which has engulfed America.

This did indeed become a political movement in the Reagan years, in Dr. Jerry Falwell forming the Moral Majority, before this movement was told to shut up and go away by George H. W. Bush. It was George W. Bush who was the conduit to this group and he resurrected that link for his elections.
The Bush people were not interested in using this base to form a Dominionism, but instead to "faith based" transform religion into a  tool of the state.
If you happened to have paid attention to the Lame Cherry exclusives, you will see that every faith based initiative funded by the Obama regime, has been hijacked to bringing terrorists into America and creating a slave labor work force.

I believe it would be easier to explain Dominionism this way. Martin Luther led a movement in Germany which was Protestant Church and German States. There was no dividing line between it, as Rome was using other armed states to attempt religicide against Christians.
The entire Rule of Law which the West and America is based upon, are from the Laws of Moses, interspersed with the Mercy of Christ. America was founded as a Christian nation by Christians in Covenant, who were persecuted in Europe for being Protestants.
America has always been a Rule of  Religion, where the Clergy ruled on the Sabbath, their very humble and cowed politicians, who were expected to govern righteously the other six days of the week.
Christianity was always intended as the personal check and balance against tyrants.

There are always though hucksters in every movement. The Christian Russian Serfs found a Secular Marxist Jew named  Trotsky hijacking their movement for reforms in Russia, because no one would follow a leftist Jew anywhere who was  a  foreigner.
In this, the Father and Son Cruz, are the same type of hucksters in, being Canadian, using that nation as a springboard in their Cuban migration, became embedded in the Christian Right. Father Cruz has been a fixture there, and his funding comes from Big Koch, just as his Teddy come lately funded by sodomite and Goldman Sachs Ashkenaz finance, started seducing the Jesuits and Evangelicals in Iowa with the magic words to cast the spell, and that word was Dominionism.

Webster Griffin Tarpley, the FDR apologist, made a very good point this past week on the Rense program in stating that Ted Cruz has backing him, the "Catholics of Santorum" who are at odds with the Pater Pope and these Evangelicals who as TL discovered on Facebook, were busy spreading lies about Donald Trump in a near hysteria. One example was "Donald Trump owns strip clubs", which is an absolute lie.

In New Jersey, the Trump Taj Mahal went into receivership, where the Trump family owned 10% of the gambling company and the other 90% owners, rented the deli space in that building to a New York gentleman's club.
Donald Trump with his daughter, have been suing this enterprise for the past few years, to get their name removed from that building, as they did not want to be associated with something they did not control or own.
You can see hints of this in Iowa, in Ted Cruz plotted to have his Jesuits and Evancruzicals to be Judas Goats in pairing off with Ben Carson voters to lie to them, that Mr. Carson quit the race, and in that deception seduced them into voting for Ted Cruz.

There is not a Christian or Catholic reviewing what Ted Cruz did who is not repulsed by it, but Cruz is a modern Barabbas placing a religious mantel on his crimes to incite a certain group of people like Judas Iscariot who are looking for immediate power on earth.

Do I believe in Dominionism? I would answer that every American should be a Christian attending worship in home or a Church, to remind them there is a God to answer to, so they would behave and obey the Laws of God and the Constitution God bestowed upon American in Holy Ghost Inspiration.
America is a Christian Nation, but America is not Cruz Nation.

If one has to cheat to steal an election, then you are not the choice of God, but a tool of satan. That is what Ted Cruz did in Iowa, and that is what all the Cruzlings did in subverting God's Law, the Constitution and Lawful elections. After witnessing the diatribes and deceptions of Cruz followers since his election theft, I would have grave concerns in allowing such morally weak people anywhere near power, as these are the types who gave Christianity the bad name the Pope did in inquisitions and telling poor people to suffer while rich people backed by the clergy got first rape of your wife on her wedding day, because the baron owned the land.

I have made no secret that I am disgusted with all of these money whore religions now taking state money, bringing in terrorists and invaders for that money, and covering it over with the excuse of humanitarianism when all it is, is one more Jesuit plan to rule a mob from the pulpit as these poor political bastards fill collection plates.

I am going to be specific in this, in there is a Bryan College down south, named after William Jennings Bryan which has turned out thee most apostate, self serving, devious graduates, who were produced from homeschooling and are now out in the world creating a false gospel which is part of this praise movement of worthless artists creating a 21st century hippie movement, which is what Ted Cruz hijacked.

You have to differentiate in this as much as Sunni and Shia Islam, because Jerry Falwell's legacy is legitimate in they have not been seduced by every politician who came along, but when they examined Donald Trump, they found a secular leader who they knew was legitimate to promote Christian interests for the benefit of America.

You must get that point in who George Washington was, Theodore Roosevelt was, Ronald Reagan was and who Donald Trump is, in all were devout Christians in their moral guidance of their fallible lives, but Christianity was and is on equal terms with the State in they PROMOTED CHRISTIAN INTERESTS, while Ted Cruz has embedded or is now fornicating with a movement which seeks to DOMINATE GOVERNMENT in the same dictatorial regime which Birther Obama has overthrown America with.

Dominion from God is about subduing the wild earth to bring peace to it, to make it flourish and productive. It is not about dominating your wife or your children. It is not about dominating your community or your Church. It is not about dominating the government, because domination brings wife abuse, bullies, demagogues and tyrants.

The authors of this Dominionism were weak people who are afraid, like Obama and Muslims, like all liberals. What was Go ye and teach all nations, in order to bring them peace and responsible liberty, has been bastardized to Indoctrinate by using the Scripture out of context, to gain power over people and subject them.
It is why this Dominionism like Communism, fractures off into Kingdom Now, Reconstructurism and only satan knows what, a little theologians utter their own sects of power, because no one will follow their own aggrandizement when it boils down to like liberalism in, "I can't beat you fairly, so I will confuse you, lie to you, promise you power, as I lie, cheat and steal, ruining everyone else so I can rule", so it is hidden in simple terms like, "We should all live as Christians"..............yes but the christians for Cruz have been breaking Commandments which will put them into Judgment and hell.

Christians are supposed to be Perfect like their Father in Heaven. They are to render their vote for God's Glory in elections and not for their own Judas throne now. Old Testament Law is to teach them obedience which will bring them the discipline to be guided by the Holy Ghost to have peaceful and prosperous lives in Christ's Grace. They are to do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as Christ dominates in all things turned over to Him, and as onward Christian Soldiers they inherit that victory.

If you are moved to dominate, you will be corrupted absolutely, as weakness is in you already. Your job is to govern yourselves and then 300 million of you are a governed nation in self discipline, and the Republic then functions.
That though is not going to happen, as I believe God has raised up a Jehu to clean this jezebel nation out and his name is Donald Trump, and not Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. With Cruz tyranny, you would have Obama and stain the name of Christianity as Cruz already did in Iowa. With  Clinton, it would be more sodomy to keep the masses indulged in this feudal reign, and in Sanders the tyranny would be a secular religion which would implode as socialism feeds upon itself and is ruled by a committee of masters.

Ted Cruz is what gives Dominionism it's poster boy bad image, just like all the other rabble rousers who set themselves up to be king.
Dominion began to bring peace and order according to God's Laws so the natural world would become fruitful and multiply in that security. Christ was the fulfillment of that Law in being given Authority over all. Your responsibility is to discipline yourself and obey God. You have not been doing that for a generation.

In Ephesians it is written, I, therefore a prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the vocation in which you are called, with all lowliness, and meekness, with long suffering, forbearing one another in love.

Dominion is a government, a government of Christ in which He rules, not in which we in our failings rule. God gave us the best system in our Constitution of a Republic in which the majority is to govern morally and the minority has rights to live life within the morals to protect society or there is not any nation.

Any religion dominating a government is a disaster as Islam, Catholicism and whatever else has proven. It is Christ's Kingdom which He came preaching in the Kingdom of God. He dominates and we are to obey Him over man.
Christ though never dominates the human will. That will submits to Him willingly and is then rewarded.

One creates a Government of Christians from the heart upward, not from dominating the hearts from political seats, which will move them to rebellion.

Nuff Said.