Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ted Cruz is Dead

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There is a hard numbers fact in the Republican Primaries in February of New Hampshire and South Carolina, and that is the reality that without Ted Cruz texting more lies that Ben Carson and Marco Rubio are dead, that Ted Cruz does not have a snow balls chance in hell in these states OR ANY STATES.

These are the hard data numbers being published, and the trends are Donald Trump rising, Marco Rubio in a bump and  Ted Cruz has hit the taco ceiling.

South Carolina Polling Averages (by RealClearPolitics)
  • Donald Trump: 36%
  • Ted Cruz: 19.7%
  • Marco Rubio: 12.7%
  • Jeb Bush: 10%

  • Mr. Trump has even more impressive numbers in New Hampshire and the tide of states for Super Tuesday all trend toward Donald Trump surging, as the only way these other frauds can keep in the race with more vote fraud, and that includes e vote fraud.

    The establishment have been trying to talk down Mr. Trump's numbers, to suppress the vote turn out, but Donald Trump is basically killing his closet competitor in every race by 20 points. Donald  Trump won Iowa, except of Cruz and Rubio fraud, and the fact is Jeb Bush blew like 100 million dollars focusing on New Hampshire and he is no more of a blip there than in Iowa.

    Politically, Ted Cruz is dead. I have stated that the fiction of his deranged followers is so bad, that even Ron Paul had to come out and hose down this Canadian, as I have run the numbers for you.

    Ted Cruz has infuriated women voters in his attacks on Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz has infuriated black voters in the fraud committed against Ben Carson. Ted Cruz has infuriated Latin voters. Ted Cruz is hated by the GOP establishment from the Bush's  to the Rockefellers. Ted Cruz has humiliated evangelicals with his election fraud, and Ted Cruz has alienated every Donald Trump voter for stealing Iowa and Cruz's smarmy attacks on Mr. Trump.
    The net result is 100% of democrats voting against Ted Cruz. 80% of the GOP not voting for Ted Cruz, that in the general election, the democrats could run a dead Bernie Sanders, assassinated by his Vice Presidential running mate Hillary Clinton, and they would still defeat Ted Cruz 80 million votes to 17 million.

    Literally for the first time in history, another party like the Constitutionalists or something like a Jim Webb 3rd party would displace the GOP, and absolutely wipe out the Republicans in Congress.

    Those are the Ted Cruz numbers. He has a crust which he can not break through, and he has been so busy turning off every voting group that there is none left to appeal to.
    In South Carolina he was busy running ads aimed at a military base. The same Cruz who was holding Veterans hostage in Iowa, is now running ads aimed at a minority group of Soldiers in South Carolina.

    One year ago,  Ted Cruz was polling at 2% everywhere, when the standard was 6%. This Canadian, without vote fraud can not win any primary, and he would lead the GOP to epic defeat.

    This is all about momentum, and Ted Cruz has none. He had none in Iowa. He has gone flat and is deflating as voters assess him on the ground in New Hampshire and South Carolina, which have none of those Jesuit Santorum or Evancruzicals as in Iowa, ready to become Judas Iscariot in betraying Ben Carson to the Sanhedrin.

    Ted Cruz is dead politically. He is weakening by the day, and I would be surprised if he stands for election as he will be defeated, and his future is being some Goldman Sachs influence peddler, probably in Mexico as no one in Congress would have anything to do with him.

    Remember those numbers, because they mean everything. Real numbers in Iowa had Donald Trump up, by the margin which Ted Cruz stole from Ben Carson. Mr. Trump's numbers are soaring in the voting states and in Super Tuesday on the real throw down.

    Ted Cruz is dead. He will no longer pull numbers off other candidates, but those voters will go to others, with the majority in Mr. Trump, and once Donald Trump wins New Hampshire and takes South Carolina, that momentum will build to a force which will have people laughing at what the pest of Ted Cruz ever was.

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