Saturday, February 6, 2016

Born For This

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Facebook with all of its Zuckerberg failings is a very accurate indicator of a person's moral fiber. Having been a "public" figure with a measure of anonymity, I find it is much different as a "private" citizen with a known history and a long line of silently-judging "friends" to be able to say anything that matters. The harder I try to tell people on my "friends" list the Truth, the more they decide I am either a kook, a big meanie, or completely deluded. I know what it is to be shunned by people who consider themselves respectable upstanding Christians because they think I am wrong, while they enable people who are knowingly spreading blatant lies which absolutely destroy Donald Trump's character. And it just completely boggles my mind. For the first time I truly understand why LC has stayed anonymous for so long, because it is a freeing thing to say what you want to say without having everyone you've ever known simultaneously decide you're a terrible person. Total strangers have been kinder to me than these "holier than thou" faux believers I have known for decades and naively believed were as concerned about the Truth as I was.

And the shunning hurts. It really does. They don't even have the sand to "unfriend" me, because they would rather torture me with silence, should I dare to comment on anything they post in an attempt to be friendly. I have done nothing wrong by speaking out against these people who prefer deception to stating the Truth, who sell their souls to the devil in order to prove a man's "moral bankruptcy", and yet I am the one who everyone decided to turn their backs on. There was literally one person who accepted the rebuke with any modicum of grace, yet even with them I can feel the difference in the way they interact because I disturbed their perfect construct by showing them what they were engaged in by carelessly propagating the agreed-upon lie of the collective.

Joan's friends turned their back on her while she was being filleted by the societal religious powers of her day. Jesus' followers all deserted him to face the long trial of character assassination alone. Elijah believed he was alone in his resistance to the great evil too. None of this is easy, and none of it is pleasant. It sucks, and it's really painful, and the only reason I am even bothering to step into that stupid torture chamber is to use it as a platform to keep fighting for Trump in various comment threads, far away from the people who supposedly are my "friends". While they don't care what I have to say, other people in this fight can see the words the Holy Ghost Inspires me with and use them in their own arsenal against the lies of the media and the other tools of the devil.

I would like to say it's more comforting to be persecuted for doing what's right, but it's not. In a lot of ways it's worse. There is literally no reason for it other than these people being willfully blinded to the Truth of what they are and hating the Light they see in the words I speak and the actions I take. Maybe that's another reason for Trump at this time in history, is that he's God's instrument for helping to winnow out the tares from the wheat. He's certainly brought to the forefront of the public eye all the blatant e-vote fraud and corruption that permeates the entire public societal structure, from the politicians to the pundits to the private citizens.

When all is said and done, I'd much rather be playing with kitties and feeding treats to the calves, decorating cookies and reading books that interest me (unfortunately haven't had the time to read Anthony Trollope yet), but if God Wills to use me in that way for as long as I can stand it, then that is where I am meant to be.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.