Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ted Cruz's Assassination Squad

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What would you think if you saw the following funding:

On December 21, for instance, five seemingly identical donations in equal increments of $50,000 came from five different LLCs -- "LL Baltimore, LLC"; "LL Fort Wayne, LLC"; "LL Peoria, LLC"; ""LL West Allis, LLC' and "PF Fort Myers LLC."

Would you think this is shady money being laundered or legitimate?

These are the sources for the funding of Ted Cruz's super pacs, which are just purchased 4 million dollars in attack ads against Donald Trump and others like Marco Rubio.

LLCs are more difficult to crack. The Texas-based "Stalwart Advisory LLC" and Robinson's "One Harbor LLC" that the group used as consultants are not visible to the public without sleuthing through Texas public records. Stalwart Advisory does not appear in any state's corporate records, according to, which tracks these filings, nor does One Harbor's ties to Robinson.

These are LLC's which do not exist literally. Are you comfortable with this going on in the Cruz campaign?

A leading force behind the group, Lycan confirmed, is Hal Lambert, a Dallas money-manager who was a co-chair of the official campaign's finance committee until he started the outside group and is a close ally of Willie Langston, the Houston campaign's finance chair. 

And largely funding the group is Adam and Tara Ross, a Dallas couple close to Ted and Heidi Cruz who together gave $1 million of the $2.5 million raised. Adam Ross is influential in Jewish Republican fundraising circles and is said to be close with Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire who has remained on the sidelines this year despite being wooed by much of the GOP field.

 This is the reality of Ted Cruz "supporters" or billionaires, who are not supporting Ted Cruz in the spirit of the law,  but are hiding massive influxes of cash in the millions of dollars.

There is a massive problem in this, because is it like Marco Rubio taking money to refinish his floors, the Clintons setting up trust funds for Chelsea, and Ted Cruz somehow out of college buying new SAABs for his Mum and paying for 20,000 dollar a year for military school for a relative.

That kind of crooked money is what corrupts, and we know Ted Cruz is corrupt, because he is setting up dirty money in his finances in all of these shell corporations.

Remember that.