Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trump Debate and the Bush Boo Babies

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In observing the ABC set up of Donald Trump with the GOP elite, this time there was not a need to use Mexican and Muslim leftists, as once again the GOP only provided tickets to Jeb Bush insiders in the donors and trolls.
It came to a point in Eminent Domain, as the liberals in New Hampshire do not want electricity produced in Canada putting their electric lines in New Hampshire, as people never quite get it that someone had to give up something in roads, hospitals, your place of employment and even your home.....someone was paid for that land, removed from that land, all so you could have a place to sleep and a place to work.

I will add something about Donald Trump and Eminent Domain in New Jersey. Mr. Trump offered that "old woman" a quote million dollars for that property. She refused, and he walked away. Mogul Carl Ichon later purchased that property for 350,000 dollars in bidding on it in Eminent Domain and that old woman moved to California to retire.
She is an idiot in thinking she could hold out for more in blackmailing Donald Trump, and ended up screwing herself over. So Jeb Bush making this his issue, proves what a damn fool he is, and his donors booing Donald Trump is more of this GOP sabotage which has me to the point, in Donald Trump is the only thing holding me in the Republican party at this point.

Christie knocks Rubio off balance...
Trump confronts 'donors' in audience after boos...
Last stand for Jeb?
'Throw that punch'...
BUSH: 'I could drop my pants, press guys would never notice'...
KASICH: 'I ought to be running in Democrat primary'...

I will to cover something, as you are going to probably hear about this, unless it is nuked here. There has been a cum spill going on, over this Ted Cruz with fag billionaire donors and friends, and Marco Rubio being bi sexual, and Jeb Bush being in the closet for sodomites, and that is an obscure lezbo named Sue O'Connell, slipped in a question to Donald Trump, in which there is no record for it, except this lezbo from the NECN, who happens to have her own fag pervert blogsite called Bay Window, after of course Massachusetts, the blurb is posted there, without any audio upload to confirm any of this...........and a Kevin Franck, another rabid homosexual propagandist wrote up the blurb, which just so happened to be picked up by right wing sites of the establishment like World Net Daily, Conservative Review and the gay Cruz Right Wing News.
It should be noted this is a cut and paste story. No one is checking it out, but it is being accepted as factual and the source is a flaming flame thrower who hates everything right wing.

This hack Franck's Facebook spew on who he is.

Bay Windows - Kevin Franck: Go for it, Bry... - Facebook
As a connoisseur of that genre of political journalism dedicated to covering personal meltdowns, I must say that I am a big fan of Byron Hefner.

Yes, we have a rabid lezo, sneaking in to drop a gay bomb on Donald Trump to destroy him. Her fag writer posts it up without any audio to prove this is what Donald Trump said, now we have the GOP establishment who have now over 200 million dollars to be used to destroy Donald Trump.

"When President Trump is in office can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians?" O'Connell asked him. 
"Well, you can," Trump answered. " And look, again, we're going to bring people together, and thats your thing and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together and if we don't we're not going to have a country anymore."

If Donald Trump said the above, it is what it is. I am not going to defend it, but I will point out that Obama has signed up full fag rights in America. It is the law of the land. Donald Trump NEVER promised "forward motion", it was what the lezbo said, not Donald Trump.
In stating that fact, which no one is pointing out, all that can be done is move forward, as straights and gays have their "things", and Donald Trump is about bringing people together, AND AS THIS HAS BEEN MISSED, this means that those radical homosexuals bullying everyone are going to be held accountable as much as those in the straight majority.
Everyone of the establishment trolls in this gotcha is trying to make it sound like Donald Trump giving more rights or something, when the rights are already there.

So that is probably the coming set up which more of the election thieves will be ranting about, like New Hampshire liberals are not willing to have power lines now for electricity..........electricity produced in Canada that is giving those people sooty lungs in the first place.

But onto more important things:

Oh and Jeb Bush PLAGIARIZED the Lame Cherry in his advocating more "millionaires". I posted this in 2008 as an explained policy on Newsbusters and on this blog for the McCain / Palin ticket. I either demand Jeb Bush pay me a million dollars in royalties and give the Lame Cherry full credit or Jeb Bush pay me 1 million dollars in royalties and give the Lame Cherry full credit, as I have never given Jeb Bush permission to use any of my Lame Cherry Doctrines.

Apparently Jeb Bush's stage theater is to bring in stooges who can cheer the loudest for him, and the other gay boys in Cruz and Rubio, as the billionaire boo babies boo Mr. Trump.

I did not quite get where this interviewer fit in and why, Mary Ham.

Donald Trump won the debate again. Ben Carson came in second. Chris Christie finished third, and the rest were the 'fag alongs' of Bush, Cruz and Rubio.

Someone should ask Ted Cruz how in his sob story about his doper relative, in Ted now says he got a 20,000 advance on his credit card to put his nephew into military school, immediately after he got out of college.
Just so you know, in order to get a 20,000 dollar advance on your credit card you need like 80,000 dollars in spending limits. If you have 20,000 dollars as your credit limit, YOU CAN NOT get that full advance in cash........and military schools do not take credit cards for tuition.

Let us focus on another Ted Cruz lie or more to the point, how in the hell does a Cruz from Canada get an 80,000 dollar credit card like Saudi billionaires that advance 20,000 dollar cash advances?

Let us focus on South Dakota, under Gov. Bill Janklow lured in credit card companies when Ted had his college credit card, and INTEREST on those cards was 23 to 30 percent. How in the hell did Ted Cruz make interest payments 5000 dollars a year, plus the principle, fresh out of college........and let us not overlook that this must have been at least a 4 year school, so that is 80,000 dollars if Ted put this kid in military school of that period.

Let us focus on another fabrication of Ted Cruz, unless Goldman Sachs had bought him then or he was getting CIA bag drops in being recruited then.

Oh by the way.......Ted Cruz is also on record stating the first thing he did out of college was buy his Mum a new SAAB. How did Ted Cruz afford cars for his relatives, military schools for his relatives, and still have the required 25,000 dollars a year just to live on while clerking at the Supreme Court?