Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Apple Up Limbaugh's Ass

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are three certainties in the Rush Limbaugh mic slaverings:

  1. Limbaugh will suck Koch
  2. Limbaugh has Cruz cock on the breath
  3. Limbaugh enjoys apples up his arse in foreplay

This has to be addressed as it is such a bugger up the bung.

I just wanted to say something like this to the Limbaugh talking out of his Apple today over Apple not opening up that San Bernadino terrorist Iphone or whatever that thing is and Apple told the FBI, NO.

This is the something.

Now look here old cock, way to fag it up. Apple of course is going to tell the FBI to suck dick, because the FBI does not employ Apple. Apple is employed by the NSA. If the FBI can't figure out how to get into an Iphone, and Apple told them to suck dick, the FBI should just do things which it is qualified to do, like having Gregory Bretzing shoot old geezers in the snow.

It is not the Drudge headlines:

It is the asstardness of it all. Back in the day the book was, the local cops spent all their time spying on the FBI and the FBI wasted all it's time spying on the CIA in their covert operations.

So Apple flipping the FBI the finger, is just what is wrong with the FBI, as if they have problems, they just need to get their heads out of their asses, and have the adults handle things.

I will probably have to explain this to the FBI as they think they are intelligent. The NSA and some very above black operations, have been building the Silicon Valley. I should probably not elude to Apple was about tits up in 1998 in losing to Microsoft, but suddenly became profitable, after a mass infusion or collaboration in Steve Jobs was handed the demon technologies out of Groom Lake to back engineer to advance the collective intelligence or the electronic brain.
I do not want to get too in depth on this as the FBI does not have security clearance for this type of information. So the story is Apple created their systems only for those.......well above the FBI, and the FBI just gets to play with the scraps in Windows.

All of this could have been avoided if the FBI had not tried to Finicum the fag who runs Apple into bending over.

The FBI should stick to sets up using US Fish and Wildlife and BLM targeting Mormons and old people, because that San Bernadino thing was a bit above their pay grade in who was monitoring it all.....and for some reason the FBI was clueless about this operation under their noses.

So the best thing is, is for the FBI to just hand over their evidence to one of the NSA moles who is working is like 1 in 5 so they are not hard to find, and then just accept whatever the NSA lies to them about. Things work much better that way, and then Rush Limbaugh does not have to be scripted stupid in acting like Apple is completely hack proof........because even his Drudge posted how Apple does bend over if you ask them nicely and not try to Finicum them.

Nuff Said

Let' us all have a go with old Horace at the Old Bailey.....yes pleasant that is, what not eh.

Donald Trump is correct in this in telling Apple to stop protecting the terrorists which the Obama Homeland is .........well has been using for operations in these disUnited States.


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