Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ted Cruz Poll Fraud

Of course I believe the latest MSNBC and Wall Street Journal national poll having Ted Cruz in the lead, just like I believe that Thomas Sowell has now endorsed Ted Cruz over Anton Scalias death for the Supreme Court.........because Sowell wrote weeks ago with the other hacks at National Review trashing Donald Trump and all supported Ted Cruz.

What the Rupert Murdoch WSJ poll is, is the same whispering campaign by Big Koch which Rush Limbaugh has been dragging his tongue over for a week in saying Cruz was "surging", when Cruz in fact is shattered and tanking. The only hope Ted Cruz has is vote fraud.

The trend in voters is moving away from Kasich, Bush and Carson, and into supporting Donald Trump. The Cruz Rubio match, has Rubio gaining ground as Cruz loses ground in that voting block.

There is absolutely no anger at Donald Trump over outing George W. Bush on 9 11 or Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Trump supporters or any one else. There is frustration in a minority of voters who are being force to wake up to their choice in two elections brought disaster to America, as W was not as powerful as the thought he was, in the cartel out flanked him, and won.

So do not be led around by Limbaugh's lies or Ted Cruz's lies, as the WSJ poll was rigged and they stated it was rigged.

"What's more, the poll includes a higher sampling of "very conservative" voters, a Cruz stronghold, than the previous NBC/WSJ survey did. Re-weighting the poll to reflect last month's sample would give Trump a 26% to 25% edge over Cruz, according to an NBC News release.

Even if Cruz is indeed barreling ahead, his national surge may prove short-lived. Not only is Trump the odds-on favorite to win South Carolina on Tuesday, but Cruz is at real risk of falling into third place behind Rubio."

I will translate that "very conservative" to what it really means in the WSJ picked people who fit a profile which would trend to vote for Ted Cruz........the interesting part in this is, is Donald Trump by the margin of era still kicks Ted Cruz's ass in a rigged poll.
This poll is like asking the Cruz household who they would vote for, and in it, Donald Trump still gets as many votes as Ted does, voting 3 times.

So do not be suckered by this, this is just another establishment vote suppression crime, which I intend to press the Trump Administration to indict and try for crimes against America.

Nuff Said

Additional Note: AS YOU MISSED THIS.

Have you ever seen any poll ever which polled more Conservatives to get an outcome? Not on your life.
So why do this?

This was to cover up what is really taking place in the election. Donald Trump is not just gutting the Obama voting block of Blacks, Latins, Women and Blue Collar Democrats, but Donald Trump is bringing home all those Republicans who voted in mass for Barack Hussein Obama over John McCain and Mitt Romney. DO NOT MISS THIS, that is what is going on here, in Donald Trump is bringing home the Republicans, and is taking that voting block from Hillary and Bernie too.
That is why the poll was rigged. Donald Trump is breaking even with uber Conservatives, but Donald Trump is trouncing everyone, from Cruz, Bush to Hillary and Bernie in the Republicans who were voting for Democrats......including those Republicans who voted for John Kerry and Al Gore, because they hate the Bush fam so much.
This WSJ poll is explosive if you know what you are looking at in the data.




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