Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Cruzelicals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Canadian Rafael Ted Cruz hoovers around his 19.4 percent ceiling, I am surprised that the zealots for Ted Cruz who have been unloading pallets of stones to be cast at Donald Trump, over things Mr. Trump never did like:

Throwing old women off their property...........Mr. Trump offered a million dollars and walked away when she refused.

Owning a strip club.....Mr. Trump owns only 10% in the New Jersey business involved in this gentlemen's club, and Mr. Trump has been suing to get his name off this business.

But when it comes to the sins of Cruz, besmirching all Christians in Ted is the face of God or something like that, along with this doozie of hiring a lesbian porn star to be the Cruz campaign's "pretty face", all of these Cruzelicals are oddly quiet, and not posting the lesbian porn which Ted Cruz paid their donations for.

The porn star was Amy Lindsay, and the the Cruz camp was so desperate for a pretty face in a tight shirt, that they never bothered to ask if she was a porn star.

It is odd how Ted and his religious group are always the first to cast stones, but never seem to find a pebble to bounce off of Ted or themselves in all their sins.

Ted always has an excuse for his crimes and his sins. It seems a pattern which Ted is never at fault.......the dog always eats his homework or it is some staffer who just never looked at a resume of a porn star, but was instead a lesbian or crotch crawler who was looking at the blonde Ms. Lindsay, in thinking with their genitals, rather than their non genitals.

Just is odd how Ted Cruz wants to be President, as a foreigner in the White House, but can not hire a staff that seems to find a way to lynching blacks in Iowa and hiring blonde bimbos for campaign ads.

You do realize an open casting call, anywhere, is a signal for hard up Cruz staff to find some wide eyed little girl or boy to fuck, right? If you were interested in things above board, there are supposed to be numbers of folks at a Cruz rally to pick from, or you call up a talent agency for a model to run your ads. That is what Obama does all the time, but Cruz has open casting they have weeks to sort through piles of hot women, as you know the South Carolina primary is placed on hold for years, until Ted finds the right bimbo to film.

It seems to come down to the Lame Cherry again to expose Ted Cruz and his staff, and his stone throwing followers for what they are. Liars, hypocrites and blasphemers of all things moral.

I have been warning you people of what Ted Cruz is, what his staff is, and now with more proof, that 20% for Cruz has gone silent, when in the old days the South Carolina Baptists would have been ashamed, rolled around in front of the altar confessing their Cruz sins, and condemning Ted Cruz.

Makes more sense now why Jerry Falwell jr. endorsed Donald Trump and not Rafael Ted Cruz.