Monday, February 8, 2016

The Dual Visitation

The Lord will come suddenly in anger, as He did against the Philistines at Mount Perazim and against the Amorites at Gibeon. He will come to a strange and unusual thing: He will destroy His own people! So scoff no more, or your punishment will be even greater. For the Lord, the Lord Almighty, has plainly told me that He is determined to crush you.

Isaiah the Prophet chapter 28, verses 21, 22.

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Nowhere is Scripture is there a verse about American nor Western Europeans being allowed to sin without punishment in the End Times. Instead Prophesy is a matter of duality, in the punishments and death which God unleashed on Israel and Judah, will happen again to the Daughter of Israel in the West, for having created national sins, which are destroying the Western peoples.

None of it seems logical, that a group of Caucasian Asians in the Khazars in their Ashkenaz people, would so hate the descendents of the 13 tribes to genocide them, but it does make logical sense once you understand what these "Jewish converts" from Asia view this as.

The Ashkenaz are from the tribe of Japheth, like most Asians. They decided as a people to convert to Jewry when the Jews were being depeopled, and this is what makes up most of what is modern "Jews".
The Ashkenaz were powerful, intelligent, rich and devious people who took the Talmud and references to non Jews as carte blanche to view them as animals, as the base of their religion.
This transformed in time to a false messiah, Shabattai Zvi who said people should sin more so God would redeem the world. Their focus in the elders is the enlightened one or satan in a competing "tree of life" structure.
While the propaganda tells you to live in your lusts for today, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc... of the Asheknaz never do this, but are intent on recreating in them an immortal link, to supplant the Western peoples in God's Plan.

Yes you Christians believe the propaganda of being ashamed of what you are, and the dogma of not fighting back, so in this genocide of the West, you simply are slaughtered like sheep. The current Muslim invaders are proof of what you are, mutton for the slaughter. The Muslim should not glory no more than the Jesuit Latin as they will be genocided too, once their raping and murdering purpose has been accomplished in wiping out God's Christian peoples.

God used the Assyrian Germans against Israel which are your American line, and God used the southern Italian Babylonians against Judah. Most of those peoples were wiped out, because they were sinners in being homosexuals, baby killers, threw away God and made enemies of the state the few religious leaders who were warning the nation.

So God having Ashkenaz using Muslim weapons against you, is something or historical reality. You will be punished on a national scale. Your weapons are not going to save you. Your nations will be cropped of all of you sinners, and a remnant is all that is going to remain out of hundreds of millions.

God is certain. It will come upon the Americans as certain as the Great Tribulation will come upon the world. As you can read in Isaiah, all of your scoffing only increases the level of punishment which is recorded will be doubled in visited upon America and the Western peoples.

Nuff said