Monday, February 8, 2016

Your Negative Interest

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The staged attacks upon America on 9 11, have finally succeeded due to the feudal policies of Barack Hussein Obama in stealing from the US Treasuring, pumping trillions into false assets of the elite on Wall Street, which has finally concluded the Global Super Depression which George W. Bush was attempting to head off in 2001 AD in the year of our Lord.

All of this matters, and as no one is going to explain this to you, in what it will mean to you, it once again falls to the Lame Cherry.

Citibank is owned by the Saudi Muslims, and is in the process of acquiring American oil reserves, developed by independent oil drillers as Harold Hamm who worked a Faustian agreement with the Obama regime to profit off of America's demise, and now Saudi Arabia in oil wars, has been promised that by pumping it's reserves dry to try and destroy Vladimir Putin, they will be given the oil reserves of America to prop up that Islamic State.
I want you to get that Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as you are going to be reading that over the next years in other people having stolen that exclusive as everything is stolen from this blog.

What the Lame Cherry desires to explain though is about your money, including the richtards investments on Wall Street as much as their foundations are going to be seized.

Perhaps you have heard of something called NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES, but no one has ever explained exactly what it is . I place these links for your understanding, that this is being discussed for America in "economic drills" and has already been implemented in Europe and Japan.

Europe Gets Negative Interest Rates. What Does That Even Mean ...

Monetary Policy Europe Gets Negative Interest Rates. What Does That Even Mean?

What Negative Interest is, is this:

Your bank, when it has a surplus of money, places it back into the same regional bank, which it borrows money from in the Federal Reserve, in the scheme of the foreign and traitor bankers lend money created by the US Treasury back to you, in the ultimate skimming scheme which has now bankrupted America.

In previous times, that money was kept there in things like US Treasury Bonds to pay interest to prop up the system, and stored there like your savings account. What negative interest is, is a scheme where your bank gets charged for storing money in the reserve bank for investing in it, like you would be charged for a storage container.
The "explanation" is, that this will then force your bank to lend this money to you at cheaper rates, in order to stimulate the economy.

This is the cover for theft or note seizure, and is not working in Europe or Japan, because people without jobs or unable to afford to create a business with Obama Conglomerates destroying the middle business class, only means more money to Mexicans who will never pay it back, in that next part of the derivatives, as there is massive debt being traded and held yet by all the banks.

I checked my bank, as I thought it was a regional local bank, and was stunned that it was foreign owned, and it is carrying a massive amount of US Bonds. Every banking structure in this world is debt strapped, and any tightening is going to cause a horrific strangling of everything as the US is being choked by this artificial high dollar, which is being undermined now by Russia and China (Do not overlook that virus unleashed in Brazil as they were in on this BRICS fund against the Dollar, and Brazil is being taken down just like Libya and Saddam Hussein did for trying to get gold for oil and not dollars).
I digress.

The point in this is the next phase which you might have heard from European Cyprus in a BAIL IN. You know a bail out, is someone coming in and dumping money in to save a bankrupt state like New York or a company like General Motors. In a Bail In, the scheme is far different, as your bank in duress instead seizes your deposits as THEIR MONEY, which you have loaned to them by putting it into their bank, and they in turn present you with "bank stocks" or promissory notes in saying they have not confiscated your money, but instead traded your money for bank stocks in the Bail In.
Just try and buy bread at the market with Bail In stocks and you will be shown the door, and I can promise there is not going to be a swipe at the gas pump for Bail In stocks...........unless of course it is a penalty charged for your cashing them in like US Bonds probably 1/3rd the value of what your original cash deposit was.

Do you get how the cartel now is going to steal all you have, issue you worthless stocks and break you? For those richtards who think they are safe in their stocks which are being degraded now, I have this little analogy of you.

Take an company like General Electric, with huge cash reserves from the big banks. The big bank hands them over stocks for that cash, stealing that money. Do you think GE is going to absorb that theft, or might they have an emergency voting stock board meeting, where they decide that your stocks in GE are going to be transferred to Bail In stocks, which pay no dividends, but in 20 years you can cash them in or redeem them immediately for a penny on the dollar to the debt traders.

The Federal Reserve has been running this debt drill in preparation, and the day is going to come when Negative Interest Rates appear, and the day will come when your money in the bank or your stocks are going to be converted to IOU's, just like in the great bust cycles each nation faced with speculators.

This is the warning, so you understand what will be taking place. I will assume as the cartel is bright, that the "no cash" societies are grooming this, so if you try to be smart in putting this under your bed in a big cash withdrawal that you will find it is against the law to possess cash to pay bills as it is threat to economic stability.
For those who think this could never happen, FDR outlawed private ownership of gold in America in the 1930's and Citizens were forced to turn in their gold coins or face criminal charges.

I keep warning the rich people they had better donate before they will not be able to in all they have will be gone as they owe the Lame Cherry a debt for keeping them alive a few more years when they would have perished already.

The only hope in this is Donald Trump. The cartel is going to collapse everything, but they will not be able to collapse it all with a President Trump, and Donald Trump is the only one around who will be able to save your investments and return them to you.
No one else is going to save you, because ALL of the other traitors are backed by the Conglomerates like Hillary Clinton, have head up their ass socialism like Bernie Sanders, are owned by the billionaires like Cruz and Rubio, or are part of the mafia  like the Bush Family.

Your Negative Interest and your Shit for Paper Stocks.

Europe started it, with their banking institutions dipping into negative interest rate territory.  Now your $100 in the bank will become $98 over time, and eventually $95, then $93...,  It all depends how long you leave the cash in the bank, and how negative they go with the rates.

Negative interest rates will be coming to America next.   After failures to get the economy going, even after near-zero rates for a decade, and trillions in money printing, the Federal Reserve is running out of tricks.  This last one is going to be the big finale.

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