Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Gunny

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about something which John emailed about a few days ago on long range rifles. See if I post it like that, it does not trigger the NSA, but if I write about sniper rifles, then all things start going off.

The subject of this was the III Percent and Oath Keepers in expensive 50 caliber rifles. So I was thinking about the 50 BMG, or 50 caliber Browning Machine Gun bullet, designed to shoot aircraft and pierce metal..........even blow holes through concrete and blow a hole into a human hiding behind it.

No matter the rifle, you need a big heavy gun, quite heavy in fact. The great Carlos Hathcock once borrowed a Browning machine gun, single fire of course, on a mount, with a scope to shoot Vietcong in the head or body at long range.

It would seem that even if you built a single shot 50 BMG or bolt action, that it would have to be mounted like a 5th wheel stock trailer in a pick up bed, as it would be quite large to lug around.

That has me thinking about things which I probably could not type in logistics like if one has to deal with drones now, the thinking is now 4 dimensional, in one would have to find a tunnel, parking garage or building in which the object would be lured into by some emotional drone operator voyeur in order to deal with it. Of course this would never take place against the American government, as we love and obey our wonderful police, and this would be some invading Christian terrorists which the world is filled with and we should all be on the alert against those evil Christians who have nations overflowing with drones, seeking to invade America and end our wonderful land of sodom and home of the Obamacare.

I wonder sometimes if all of these people feeling vulnerable and needing large sounding firearms to empower themselves, if silence is  the more golden. I mean 99% of things are electronic now, and something which would fry circuits would be more viable, as making that armed Christian terror it something like the Vatican, drone blind and all those oddly dressed Swiss guards  running behind you with guns and you driving away at 70 mph would probably be like a flyswatter instead of a can of finger trying to swat a mosquito.

to all the people that need and want a 50 Cal.   single shot but still a 50
if the 50 isnt big enough, one could always try the RT-20mm    lol

please, pay attention to the top chart, especially the current population and the 2025 forcast population ..... OH BOY

I know the 338 Lapua is adored by snipers, but the 338 Winchester is a fine fact all the 35's are lovely creatures. It does  make one wonder though what the world did without all these big guns before there were guns?
I once saw on PBS, so you know it is true, in the Grandmother of Caligula, that would be the mum of Tiberius, who got her titties fondled by Caligula, painted the figs in Augustus' garden with poison, in order to assassinate him. Poor bugger fed his own poison to himself and Tiberius was made Caesar.
Thing is when Tiberius was in bed, that Caligula suffocated him with a pillow.

Seems people were very clever before the invention of guns. Saladin, the Muslim warlord used to poison the water in a WMD attack on Christians back in the day. Killed lots of ponies and Christians, but with that threat of the Vatican invading America with drone and things, I can see why Saladin the Muslim was doing WMD work before the word even existed.

I wonder if a clever fool, could figure out how to turn vehicles off, instead of building a big ole 50 BMG.

Electromagnetic Pulse Gun To Help In Police Chases - Slashdot

... Electromagnetic Pulse Gun To Help In ... It will shut down the engine computers of ... Have people honestly never tried turning a car with the engine off?

See, the police have this, and I am so pleased of that, but it makes me wonder if they have it, how was LaVoy Finicum driving around, as should they not have been able to just zap his pickup as they drove by and stop it all? I hope it was not Obama budget cuts or something or they had the EMPGUN, but no batteries to run it due to lack of funding. Be a shame a man died, because there were no batteries. 

I think it is just easier to sign all you own over to some agency, let the Muslims and Mexican gang rape your children and spouse, and for you to just wait around to be shot or imprisoned by the FBI. In prison you get 3  meals, a toilet without a lid, television and computer, a bed, clothes and medical. Probably get your face sat on by some 400 pound shemale too, but in Muchelle Obama salt free diets, you got to get sodium somehow and with all that anal rape, you would never have trouble crapping again. There are many positives in this, in I can see how the government is really doing all of us a favor in prison things, as they are more free than those outside.
Who needs liberty as a slave, when you can be a prisoner and waited on like a queen.

I mean who would have ever thunk it, that the M word in the threat to America, would not be Mexicans or Muslims, but that the last person shot by federales was a Mormon, in their being the real threat to America.......not having murdered or beat up any Americans.........even threatened any Americans, but we know this that the FBI is always right and never wrong.

Ex-FBI agent charged with 64 counts in drug ... - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: WASHINGTON (AP) — Fueled by an addiction to prescription painkillers, an FBI agent abused heroin from his own drug investigations and in ...

....and this was just the first page on the search engine.

I wonder if all the FBI agents are in prison.

As Gunny Hathcock is dead, he can not be asked, but I do not think he fought for this kind of America.