Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Etard Sociopath

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Civilian FBI Vehicle?

I have been watching all of the comments concerning the death of LaVoy Finicum, and whether it was a reputable news outlets or Youtube, there has been a running theme of a witness against an American people who are absolutely disgusting.

There are federal trolls involved in this, but there are also numbers of absolute sub humanity creatures who are a breed of electronically conditioned sociopaths. Sesame Street, CNN, video games and the internet has removed from them that function of the brain and heart which makes people humane.

I have posted a number of the comment below as a sample. Keep in mind, an American was murdered already, and the FBI has armoured vehicles in a process in which 4 American lives inside this building in probability will end, if the FBI can not produce them crying and whimpering for propaganda effect.

Compassion is almost missing. Just jokes about snacks, body functions and masturbation.

I desired you to see this, as this has been upsetting to me as of late, as after all I have been through, it has honed my reactions to more compassion, but these creatures are the ones who are in such numbers now, that the cartel steals elections, murders  Americans, and these things just laugh in their alternate reality.

It matters, because Sodom and Gomorrah were ended, and they were more righteous than what is America at this point. America is a race in the majority now of these Etard Sociopaths. There is not any salvation from such a race, as creatures this degraded are animals, and no longer human, because humanity has been short circuited in them.
I make this relevant point for you to keep in mind, that the below repulsive comments, are not the only ones being posted tonight, as the FBI is posting exactly the same non human orders, in this is an operation now where all humanity is removed, and objective is the only course. It is created this way, so that the armed federales can hide their actions behind "orders and training", so that none of those involved from the federales will not throw down their weapons and says, "I am not going to do this any more as these are Americans inside those buildings."

We are a trained race of socioillogical misfits and I want no part of this asylum. Nothing is going to fix this as no one can rehabilitate seared consciences as the human part is no longer alive.

The correct emotion in this is sadness, apprehension, empathy for those inside in the fear they have, and the federals outside in their moments dealing with the guilt and excuses of shooting an American under orders.

 This was the live feed with around 57,000 people on this page, with these comments.