Monday, February 1, 2016

The Illegals of Iowa

*CRUZ 28% TRUMP 24% RUBIO 23%

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now my children and my brats, you know why I hate Iowa with such a passion. I told you that they always pick the loser. I told you they are a people who want to be told by the biggest shit head that their shit does not stink. They are a people who fuck up every election and it has to fall to New Hampshire to vote in representation how America is really moving politically.

This only makes everything more exhausting for me, in energy which I do not have, all because there pompous asses who have absolutely no reason for voting, as they always pick the wrong people.

Now I am going to have to listen to election manipulators Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin who turned over their programs to Ted Cruz lobbying for 9 hours today, tell us how principled Ted Cruz is and suffer through Ted Cruz praising God for a victory delivered to a liar by satan's minions.

My life does not end because the graduates of DUMB ASS U have moved America to Cruz amnesty, Cruz Obamatrade, Cruz lawsuits in his being a foreigner, Cruz being a political thug, nor will your life.

So Iowans prove two things: They can not decide on the left if they like felons or communists, and on the right, they like the foreign taste of brown bread Cruz, with White meat in the middle and that refreshing fresh bread flavor of brown bread Rubio.

No one has yet asked how many of those God damned Mexicans and Muslims fucked up this Iowa election, as they are there in numbers with mosques and Iowa is a clearing point for Midwestern corporate dairy slave labor.

Yes we know Americans voted for Donald Trump, but how many damn illegals did Cruz import like Obama did in 2008 and Hillary did tonight, to steal these elections?

To quote an American euphemism, Fuckin' Eh!.