Monday, February 1, 2016

From those who know Robert LaVoy Finicum best

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The family of LaVoy Finicum have released a statement challenging the "interpretation" of FBI Special Agent Gregory Brezling over the murder of their beloved family member, LaVoy Finicum. These are people who knew him best, knew his mannerism, knew how he walked and knew how he moved. The essence of their grief strewn story is that they believe LaVoy Finicum was trying to balance himself, and never reaching for any weapon.

I will point something out here, which is the absolute sham of the FBI in Oregon, as we have been assaulted with endless references, charges and filed complaints of LaVoy Finicum having a gun, or moving his hand in the vicinity of a gun, or being pictured with a gun.......and the fact is, nowhere in Federal or State Law does it give Law Enforcement the right to shoot Americans for owning a gun, having a gun on their person or having been pictured with a gun, even if a gun which was unseen on that person is thought there.
Law Enforcement can not just shoot people for imagined perceptions. A weapon must be produced in  an action which signals intent to use it, as being in the process of drawing that weapon.
The reality is LaVoy Finicum never produced any weapon, nor did any one else in this entire grisly process of divide and conquer, flush and chase, and finally gunning down LaVoy Finicum. Not  one person in this Bundy Group raised any gun or fired a shot.

The people who knew Mr. Finicum best have stated that the FBI left their beloved family member on the snow and cold for 10 minutes, as they terrorized the people in the pick with flash bang explosives and other things. As more evidence appears, this operation which now points the finger at an Oregon State Police officer as the murderer, as the FBI backs away from this Brezling disaster, this becomes more macabre with every detail.

The family has stated that Mr. Finicum will have funeral services held for him in Kanab Utah, by invitation, but all may pay their respects on Facebook, providing of course Facebook has not banned them, as they did this member of the media.

According to a Facebook post on "LaVoy Finicum's Stand for Freedom", the funeral will be at a church house at 1436 S. McAllister Drive with visitation from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a service from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The post states all are invited to pay their respects.

It seems small comfort, that the family will actually have the body of their murdered loved one, as I feared the FBI would cremate Mr. Finicum, to hide how many times he was shot.

The Finicum's are fighters in this, in they have revealed that several very prominent lawyers have reached out to them, and offered to take this case, which is going to be a Civil Lawsuit to expose all of this as Gerry Spence accomplished at Ruby Ridge.
This is going to be a massive pay day for that family, and they deserve it all. It is the first Obama debt in that 19 trillion in which I will be happy that money will go to a good cause in millions and will convict everyone involved in this.

In reality, Special Agent Gregory Brezling, is going to be hauled into court, put on a stand and grilled for hours, before the jury awards the Finicum family their victory. For those who feel helpless, keep in mind that everyone must obey the law, and let these high powered Attorneys to deal with this, because understand this, that when this is said and done, the primaries in this murder of LaVoy Finicum are gong to be so toxic to the regime, that they are finished. Larry Pratt of BATF who was having dogs shot and mother's heads blown off at Ruby Ridge disappeared.
A form of justice is coming, and understand this, that a President Trump is not going to give cover to this Obama murder spree. Know this, that as Justice was illegally unleashed on George Zimmerman in the Treyvon Martin case, that under new political pressure, Justice might just unleash on those behind the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and that will mean prison for those involved.

Those forces who are throwing people off their land for conglomerates and Indian interests for yellow cake uranium profits from Clinton Foundation donations, lost everything when Gregory Brezling unleashed this horror in Oregon. They lost, because the best Attorneys, the best public relations, the best of all in the Truth is going to be forming public opinion on this for the next decade. LaVoy Finicum is going to become an American Martyr and this can not now be stopped, because it is not ranchers now, but the best legal minds connected to the most powerful competitors have now taken up this case.

The full statement of the Finicum Family can be read at the link below.

Statement of LaVoy Finicum Family

Do not be discouraged as many of you are. This has just started and now the forces which move the world are about to be unleashed for Justice for LaVoy Finicum.
As I revealed from the start of  this, do not let it be lost on you, that a Mormon was murdered in Oregon, and there are hosts of Mormons of great power out there. Gregory Brezling unleashed a religious war, and no one in Justice or the regime has figured this out yet.

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