Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Lavender Pansies Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder just how far the supporters of Ted Cruz will dig in? For example would it bother a Ted Cruz supporter to discover that Ted was in a gay apartment fundraiser in New York, in which one of the young sodomites was discovered dead in the bathtub of that apartment just a short time earlier from a massive drug a party or something held there by one of Ted's donors.....meaning the owner of the apartment?

I mean does this stuff happen all the time at Mark Levin's house? He vouches for Cruz like Limbaugh does, and Matt Walsh goes to the stake for him and Glenn Beck burns alive all those who question Ted Cruz, but we have a reality here that do dead young gay males show up in Sean Hannity's bathtub....naked, and is that the reason all of these Big Koch donors have no problem with Ted Cruz?

Does Sean Verdi the dead gay boy, at Cruz donor's townhouse of Ian Reisner, happen in Mark Levin's house all the time too.

Seriously, it does not end there, because does Mark Levin's brother cuddle with gay men on his sofa, and then have other former gay lovers of Levin, who have been fired from American Express for having HIV, show up and shoot at them on the sofa while cuddling and the brother gets murdered by the former gay lover in the arms of another gay lover?
That is what Ted Cruz is taking money from, and hanging out with and promising not to make gay marriage being overturned an Ian Reisner's brother, Ross, was shot on the sofa while embracing Kevin Murray, as 45 year old Brett Knight murdered him.

It is the question about Ted Cruz in who he has dragged all of you Cruz supporters into bed with him on. His New York donor has two dead bodies of gay males, and one his brother who was murdered, after screwing over a gay with HIV.........and yes that is a Secret Service red alert security risk, in Presidents should not be around people who have piles of dead gay bodies around them.

It is another question when Marco remember him, another Bush fam protege like Ted Cruz, who was dancing in a gay chorus line....also got himself into a bit of trouble in being in a park which was known as a cruising sex zone for gay males.

Is it a point now that at least no dead bodies did not show up in Marco's gay lifestyle or that at least Ted Cruz was not photographed prancing around with gay men naked in a bar covered with soap suds?

Do you really want these Cuban Republicans who are gay on social issues and murderous on foreign issues as your candidate? You children have got to stop placing your good intentions on these two politicians, as Cruz and Rubio really have some Bill Clinton trash in their background in the perverts they are taking money from and hanging around with.

Stop being emotional in your candidates losing, and start thinking of this in terms of if this was Jeb Bush, would you be disgusted by it.........then why are you not disgusted when it it Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?