Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cruz Voters: Build Something with what you have

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ted Cruz in the closet thumper was quoting some Jew writer giving advice to Ted Cruz as it seems Ted can not ejaculate politically correct in taking on Donald Trump.
The advice was basically to be Mark Levin.....meaning be junk yard dog.....or for Ted Cruz to be in public, exactly what he is in his backstabbing private time.

In all honesty, I would like nothing more than for Ted Cruz to follow this Jew advice of scorched earth on Donald Trump. For you see, what could be better advice from a Ted Cruz supporter than to destroy Donald Trump, infuriate 70% of the GOP and Democratic electorate, so you lose the GOP nomination to Marco Rubio, wipe out your Texas political base, and become a political pariah. I mean, why let all of that Glenn Beck great anti Christ advice go to waste in destroying you.
Beck ties a millstone around Cruz who put his feet into cement blocks, and now Jew fans are telling Ted to carry a load of rocks to the bottom.

I am telling all of you Cruz voters. You were targeted as political militants who could be triggered and you are reacting exactly as the establishment wants you to, in killing yourselves politically by being rude and going down with the Cruz sinking ship.....and now all of your minders are saying things about Cruz and telling Cruz things, he is walking into freely which will destroy him politically.
I am telling you Cruz voters the same thing I told you in Iowa. Ted Cruz had one purpose and that was to take votes from Donald Trump and now Ted Cruz is being led to where Ted psychologically is, a wife beater, and he is supposed to destroy himself, all so Marco Rubio will broker the nomination.

I am telling you Cruzlings, beware the St. Valentines Massacre of Chris Christie taking out Marco backfired and Rubio is still hanging on, and Christie is gone.
You Cruzlings, you want blood because you are screaming for it, and you want Donald Trump's blood, and when you are covered in it, you are going to find out, that you have destroyed yourselves and all of what you want in the Tea Party, just like Christie was offered up to, to try and save Jeb Bush.

So from my view, I welcome Ted Cruz going Nazi. I hope he uses the Jew language which the Jew wrote in things like spoiled brat, because that will turn off the entire electorate, and most of you Cruz voters, so sympathy will build for Donald Trump and move toward Marco Rubio who will stand there all perplexed looking and above it all.

For your own sake Cruzlings, you had better get this understood, there is something in your genetics that the computer programmers found could trigger you for Ted Cruz, and they are exploiting you to destroy your entire movement, as that is what Ted Cruz was chosen for in inserting him into the Tea Party. Cruz is a perfect backstabbing self absorbed narcissist, who will lie to anyone, as he has been lying to you, and if you have not noticed it as you have been all infuratiated, Ted Cruz turns on people who used to support him like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Evangelicals.......and you are so out of touch now, you are trying to destroy the very innocent people who believe exactly what you do....and what Ted Cruz professes he does, but always fails at or votes with Obama over.

I honestly am trying to rescue you Cruzlings. I am telling you what is being set up against you. Ted Cruz was chosen as an intelligence asset, because he is a sociopath who will betray anyone for his objective.
I have explained to you Cruz voters now, what the elite are trying to get their candidate to do, and Ted is prone to do this, and if you THINK about this, you are so unhinged now in having this psyops run against you, that you are foaming at the mouth screaming for Ted Cruz to do this against Donald Trump, and it is political suicide.

I am honest with all of you and you can count on that. What drives this blog is the Truth, and I will post the Truth in exclusives to explain exactly what is going on, to save you. It is my hope that my honesty will settle you down, and open your eyes and when I have been right on everything else, and you know I am right now about this operation, that just maybe I am right about the rest of it that you will not come to terms with.

What you Cruz voters have to come to terms with first is, Donald Trump is going to win the nomination. Ted Cruz is not. Ted Cruz will not be Trump's or Rubio's Vice President, as he has alienated everyone. So your political fortunes are destroyed for the next 8 years, no matter if you help Hillary Clinton win or Donald Trump wins this.
You have to assess all of this in what is the best deal now for your future? If you will assist in electing Donald Trump, I will defend you. For most of you, you have no idea that your "movement" started with a group of people in early 2008 who were investigating and later defending Lawrence Sinclair over his being attacked by the Obama regime.
From this rose the Birther Movement, and from this the Tea Party arose. I am one of the Founders of the Tea Party, a movement which has been hijacked. While all of you were home licking your wounds or hiding under your bed, I had the NSA and everything else screwing with me, and I just got my email logged into again  this morning by someone interested........highly interested in what the Lame Cherry is doing again.

You are my people, and I do not like how you have been manipulated. If you rip my hand as I extend it to you like a junk yard dog, there is nothing I can do for you. I am telling you though to settle down, stop the emotional outbursts and THINK. I do this stuff in forensic psychology is one of the fields I am thee top expert on. I am trying to save you, just like I tried to save Obama voters from going over the edge.

If Ted Cruz in his invalidated Canadian nature can be  triggered to destroy himself, do not allow him to destroy you. America needs you, all of you, to form that front which is so massive that it can not be you as LaVoy Finicum laying murdered in the snow. This is not going to end with Donald Trump as President. The cartel will try to sway and build distraction and trigger Donald Trump to react in order to gain leverage as they did with Reagan, George W and every leader.

I have told you the Truth and it was not to manipulate you, as I have told you how this projects out. I could have said nothing, and allowed you all to self implode, be shellshocked, politically raped and in Stockholm Syndrome be led around like a zombie. That is the type of thing that the 5% of the elite look to create in the 95% mob. I am though trying to do a Reagan reconstruct in proving you can walk on your two hind legs.

So you Cruzlings, you continue on and what happens is in your blood fury, is you are going to destroy yourselves, and your actions will make Marco Rubio Vice President, so we will have the same George H. W. Bush baggage as with Ronald Reagan.
What I am asking you for instead is to talk it over, and then vote for Donald Trump, forming a block where we can make a push for an absolute right wing uberphile who would make me look tame as Vice President.

So now your toys are before you to play with. You can either destroy them, scatter them or build something with the lemons you have.

On this political field, Ted Cruz is going to lose in losing and lose in winning, while leaving his supporters dead and dying on a field like black Obama voters, never to rise again.

- Lame Cherry

Nuff Said

PS: In bringing you this blog, it is not just my email, as I see someone has been through the blog account too. We have company my children and my brats and they left tracks as a warning.
And I do mean the Company.