Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Masterpiece of Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perhaps Ted Cruz might have fired a few more of his chosen staff, not for lying so much, but for the rather unsavory connections which Kalman Sporn has.

You probably need to have your memory refreshed, but you do remember when the Ashkenaz press was screaming about ISIS destroying artwork in the Mideast, that the Lame Cherry told you, that was bogus and it was that artwork was going to some rather rich collectors.........

Well, guess who is being connected to that, and it is one of Ted Cruz's prominent advisers, who likes going to homosexual fundraisers with Ted townhouses where gay boys have just died in the bath tub.

Let's just have the quote to save time:

Among those at the Reisner reception for Cruz was Kalman Sporn, Cruz's Middle East policy adviser and an individual with interesting links to Israel, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates. Sporn works for a mysterious intelligence-linked entity called Geopolitical Information Service AG, based in Liechtenstein, and founded by Prince Michael of the tiny principality. The Liechtenstein firm appears to specialize in art, particularly Islamic art from the Middle East. Civil strife in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen has resulted in a massive illegal trade in priceless Middle East relics and artifacts, with Israelis as ultimate buyers of the stolen relics.

Kalman has been very busy.......putting up web pages, being expert on the Mideast, living next to Hillary Clinton or something Jacko, and besides cuddling with Ted Cruz.......well how much time does one have?

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I was wondering if Ted has told his art supplier ISIS to stand down or was it just for Americans to be shot up by the FBI, then again Ted was going to bomb ISIS, as he had the FBI sending LaVoy Finicum to the morgue.

Let us just all appreciate the fine choices of Ted Cruz for experts, as not many presidential contenders would put someone connected to rumors of ISIS art theft networks, then again Obama had to start somewhere too............and then there is the expertise of Marco Rubio's Cuban mafia family dealing cards in Vegas.

I wonder if Ted Cruz has any donation money from stolen Iraqi artifacts?