Friday, February 12, 2016

The Max Headroom of Twitter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly do not know if the Max Headroom of Twitter is  this Milo zombie, but I am surmising this is the NSA stooge proxy of the cartel, who gives people who are not bright enough to construct a Facebook page to addict themselves, and are left to tapping at smart phones to be the font centerfold in their own delusions of grandeur when Max Twitterroom says she is going to devastate Conservatives with  Tweets, it is like the mole threatening the mountain in unimportance.


'War against conservative points of view'...

Max Twitterhead does not get this really, not even the Twit media, because the Lame Cherry can mock the sheboy in linking him to Max Headroom, a comptoon character which millennials are ignorant of, but will then look up Max, watch Max and say.........."Milo looks just like Max", start laughing and at all the parties start giggling at the jokes about Max Twitterhead.

One line defeats the Twit head and taints all the Twit head posts against Conservatives, as no one once to be a Twit head as it sounds like a Twat Head and that reminds one how much Milo looks like a douche as he has the fishy smell about him.

Milohead just does not comprehend that Conservatives do not have points of view. That is what a liberal has in their construct. Conservatives have judgments based upon a confirming group of experiences. Like shoving your dick up a guys ass, is bad, because it gets shit compacted in your dick, rips your colon out so you shit when you sneeze, gives you diseases, and you die.
Milohead builds his construct like all liberals in, "Well girls do not like me or boys call me ugly, so I will go be with other rejects and fondle each other to suicide and death, instead of growing up and emerging a person who does not define themselves by appearance or sex.

So I welcome all the Twitheads and Twatheads, as I have been on Twitter and featured the boring morons there. People who are on Twitter are really not talented, have no artistic expression, and are like babies shitting in their diapers, pointing to it and wanting all of their keyboard excrement to wow people.
Twitter is just e graffiti like a spent condom on the sidewalk, and not the real spray paint can designs.

The only thing that really bothers me most as the Popular Girl, is that Milo chose this photo of himself, as the best he can be.........a gay Dolph Lundgren, with cocksucker lips and a big nose to breathe through who suffers from brain retardation by being a bottle blonde. That is so Saturday Night Fever troll in the wet dreams of creepy old John Travolta or botox Jane Fonda.

Other than that, this has been a nice bit of comedy in 3 seconds of smirk, so it is now back to laughing at Bernie Sanders letting Hillary Clinton steal all the delegates from him, and, in the left's free and fair elections.

The problem is Max Headroom was actually intelligent, interesting and  Max had Amanda Pays to take the dork off him.......with Milo the fishy smell stays.

I long for the day when President Donald Trump like President Vladmir Putin, rids America of the E Tard Oligarchs billionaires. Let them scribble on cell walls in their own shit tweets as the world flushes these despots from our polluting our midsts with their rapine propaganda.