Friday, February 12, 2016

Marco Phobic

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This Marco Rubio "gayness" is beginning to be troubling, beyond the fire of hell judgment this abomination is, but with the attacks upon Donald Trump now being "pro gay" as this is now approaching the real of the serial murderer, in Marco Rubio does indeed suffer from Homophobia, in he is, as a bi sexual gay sex practioner, accusing the world of gay evils to cover up the cock on the breath of Marco Rubio.

Seriously, Marco Rubio is terrified of gay people now, in having been sexual with them, and is doing all he can to run from that past in having a "gay amnesia" in accusing others of the sins he is guilty of.

This is troubling in the most psychotic of terms as little boys who grow up hating their Mums are the little boys who become Ted Bundy murdering women who look like their Mums.
Maroc Rubio is embarking on a "kill the homo lovers" first and is then going to round up and kill all the homos, not because they deserve it, but because Marco Rubio still gets erections over males. Rubio's biggest threat to him in the ultra manly Donald Trump, who drips of testosterone and beautiful women. These are things Marco Rubio can never aspire to, as Marco has in "gay amnesia" a recurring flash back memory of sucking on cocks like Barack Obama sucks bi sexual cock.

I had considered Marco Rubio someone who could be part of the GOP, but after this latest psychotic episode, Marco Rubio is someone who is like Ted Cruz manifesting as the next Barack Obama messiah, in not ever being trusted around power.
What can you expect from the protege of Jeb Bush though? Yesterday it was Marco lying about his having foreign policy experience.............what was that? His parents were employees of Cuban mafia, who came to America and worked for Vegas mafia, so the Rubios know how to deal from the bottom of the deck, while Marco gets a dick with his bottom up?
That is hardly foreign policy experience, but it is the lies and delusions which Marco Rubio is now manifesting in the worst and most troubling ways.

So you get this, if Evangelicals in South Carolina are suckered as in Iowa, Rubio lying about Donald Trump, means Jeb Bush gets stronger and will steal this GOP election, and all of us lose.
Marco Rubio was acting normal until the stresses of this race became too severe, and then like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, they all have had psychological breakdowns. Cruz is a messiah. Jeb thinks he is el presidente Obama and Rubio belongs on a watch list as piles of dead sodomites seems to be where he is trending.

None of this belongs in the White House, but Cruz, Bush and Rubio all belong with the white jackets in straight jackets.

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