Friday, February 5, 2016

The Murder of LaVoy Finicum began with the murder of Mary Bulloch

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The murder of LaVoy Finicum began long before that cold night in January in the mountains of Oregon, as old as the 1970's when money interests in sodomite companies like Disney swept into the American West and bought up huge swathes of land.

What most of you do not understand in this, is America is a nation where you have right access, or there are public right of ways. One of the greatest are creeks and rivers, in the water and the shoreline is public access. No one can bar a person from traveling on those waters and no one can stop you from walking on that shore as it is a necessity.

In the same reality, no one can sell you a lot in a city, without access to a street. The West was filled with public access, because it was vital. The government allowed all types of access in roads, and building cabins, as they wanted those BLM lands to be mined, logged, grazed and hunted, trapped and fished, as it helped develope them.
In the 1970's though, hunters and ranchers started finding conglomerates having been clever in buying all the land around BLM land. In example a corporation could buy land of a few tens of thousands of acres surrounding several hundred thousand acres of BLM land, lock the gates, threaten people, and instantly they had almost half a million acres, and they did not have to pay taxes on it.

The government soon enough built upon Theodore Roosevelt land grabbing for parks, and started the same scenario. It dated back to the burning of all the shanties  on public lands from the 1930's when people in that Great Depression took the wilderness to trap and prospect in order to survive. In the 1950's the Interior started destroying almost every one of these cabins in scorched earth.

That is what has been taking place with the Bundys in Nevada and the Hammonds in Oregon, in the BLM raises grazing fees to bankruptcy levels, shuts down access, puts the onus on ranchers to build fences to keep their cattle off of now BLM property, and if the BLM can not drive the people off the land, they drive the cattle off in destroying property, and in LaVoy Bundy's case, they murder him.

This is fundamental right of access, whether it is the high seas, rivers or your being able to access a public street, and this is being overthrown all through America, as gates appear as much as court summons against landowners who have broken no laws, but are now criminalized by new regulations to drive them off their land.

That is the story of an elderly couple named Bullock. Mary was left to run their family ranch when her husband was crippled by a horse accident. In that period of time, the federals decided to create the Escalante National Monument and surround the Bullock ranch.

One must understand the country out there, as it is like Grand Canyon in quite forbidding, and it literally is impossible to fence, as it is rock and mountains. So the Bullocks had allows grazed their cattle on their ranch, and if they got onto BLM land to graze, that was accepted by the government, because once upon a time in America, the government thought that people raising food to feed Americans was a matter of national security like them being armed was a good thing, but now with the regime, it is all about conglomerates, using the politicians they own, to appoint stooges to criminalize Americans off of their land, both private and public.

So the Mary Bullock's cattle were in the rough country, summer grazing, and the BLM notified her that she had to remove them by the end of August. That was impossible, and she told them if they would wait, the cattle would naturally come down in the late autumn.

The BLM was getting pressure from high up, and it stated that was not acceptable, and hired their own mercenaries and sent in their own fumduckers on horse, and ended up with a disaster in nothing being accomplished as Mary  Bullock stated.
They BLM next spent several million dollars trying to net the cattle from helicopters, again a failure.

Mary next tried to enlist the help of Art Tait, a BLM manager who was respected. He was rebuffed in all of his efforts and eventually quit his job in disgust over the mistreatment over this innocent woman.

Finally, the BLM herded up 30 head of Mary Bullock's cattle, and stole them. They loaded them up for market and sale at the auction barn.
At this, Mary with help from her neighors went to the barn, notified the other buyers what was taking place, so they could buy her cattle back. The price of course was not high enough for the BLM and they stopped the auction, and ordered the Sheriff to take custody of the cattle and feed them.

Sheriff Barney, upon being ordered to tend cows, informed Mary Bullock, that he was not going to be caught in the middle of this, and those were her cows, and she could do with them as she pleased.
Mary securing a brand on the cattle, proving they were her property, removed them and all was thought a victory, until the next day.

The next day, the US Attorney notified Mary that she had stolen "federal property" and was going to prison with a 250,000 dollar fine.

Mary Bullock and her few supporters did not cave in to FBI intimidation on her door step, and all remained where it was until the spring of 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, when BLM  Special Agent Dan Love (Yes your grass rangers not only have vehicles you pay for, uniforms you pay for, but lots of guns too, and literally are paramilitary) for he assembled an army of hundreds of federal agents in a predawn raid, dragging people from their homes to the horror of their children, in direct violation of Constitutional Sheriff Law.

Arrested and jailed with others, Mary Bullock was released, but threatened to never set foot on her land again, as was her attorney and her supporters. The net result is Mary was bankrupted with fines, exactly as the Hammond family and others have been by this police state persecution.
The BLM then came in with helicopters and shot every cow they could find, as they started on the Bundy ranch before the stand off stopped them.

That is where Mary Bullock's story ends, because the stress killed this woman of 55 years of age. Unsettlingly, 55 years of age was the age of LaVoy Finicum when he was murdered to by the federal police state.

It disgusts me the comments I have read from trolls on DailyKos and other Obama sites, cheering the murder of Americans, and their thinking it is a joke of sending condoms to Oregon, because LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy did not just appear in Oregon by chance. These Americans have watched these assaults, have been bullied and beaten by the police state, and knew that it was the same Dan Love of the BLM who drove Mary Bullock off her land and ended in her homicide, who was appointed after that success as a reward to drive the Bundy family off of their ranch in Nevada.

It is a reality, if any of you surrounded someones home, started stealing their property and reselling it, and caused so much stress that person died, you would be in prison. Yet when it comes to Special Agent Dan Love and Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, the police state rewards them with bonuses for beating up and murdering Americans.

That is the reality of all of this and it makes normal people want to vomit. That is what was behind the Bundy and Finicums, along with those in Oregon, as they knew what happened to Mary Bullock and knew what was still happening to other Americans under seige.

Now you know the murder of LaVoy Finicum began years before, with the murder of an American woman named Mary Bullock. The liberals cheer and one day the liberals will be the ones shot down like blacks are in the streets in this out of control police state.

There is never going to be enough said about this.