Friday, February 5, 2016

The Wolves Always Come Back

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who have been waiting for the Sand Hill Preservation catalogue for a month out of Iowa, it is not coming, which is infuriating.

It appears that the much championed US Post Office of Mr. Drowns, has been issued new marching orders from the Obama regime, to drive small businesses out of operation with new regulations to make life hell for businesses.
In the words of Mr. Drowns, it appears that the regulations are there to help spam mailers.

This all comes back to the issue of Sand Hill preaching to use the Post Office, and then like the ranchers in Oregon, getting into trouble with new regulations. The story goes that they tried to comply with the new regulations which took 3 weeks, and a new police state terrorist appeared, informed them it was all wrong, and they had to do it again.

Just so you get this, in Europe you have a hell of a time with vitamins and seeds. Swansons in North Dakota is looking to be sold, because of the same Obama regulations to bankrupt them, and Sand Hill just run into the same Big Monsanto group which is intent on only hybrids and no seed savers........well unless you are Seed Savers Iowa who Obama shows up to break bread with, and then their catalogues go out on time.

Glenn Drowns is going to run his business the way he wills, until the police state shuts him down, which is coming, as he is a competitor for the conglomerate system being set up. One day it is the Hammond's in Oregon going to prison for being ranchers, and the next day it is Glenn Drowns not sending out catalogues as the regulations are too much to deal with.
Still Mr. Drowns will not do what needs to be done in setting up a server, setting up a commerce site, setting up credit cards, because the issue is it costs money on every transaction of 1 to 5 dollars, depending on orders. The benefits being increased orders to cover costs, which are offset by no catalogues shipped, unless a smaller one inside the order mistakes as people fill out all their information and there is not any problem then with bad handwriting as I have........and there are as in poultry orders, limits a program can set so not any problems appear with too many chickens booked.

I feel sorry for Glenn Drowns. He refuses to change, and thinks that this is over, when it has just begun. Some day it will be each of you reading this on some power meter in your home,  daring to use cash when only plastic is allowed, flushing your toilet too many times, or spraying a bug with Raid.

We need Donald Trump, because he is the only one who would fix this and could, but the bleating mutton on the hoof, did nothing in Oregon, nothing in support here, but all thought they were so intelligent in eluding the wolves who always come baaaaaaaaaaaaack.