Friday, February 12, 2016

The Obama Secret fag Service

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL noted something which was telling and interesting as it was first hand in an account of a Secret Service Agent in the first days of the Obama regime, and in this first contact, Barack Hussein Obama, flirted and chatted up this male security agent, while riding down in an elevator.

The scene was simple. The agent was in the elevator. Obama gets on the elevator, and when they are alone, Obama is checking out this man, and then hits him with the line, "Nice suit."

The man was a former New York cop and Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, but under the comment are the realities that men do not even in private conversation do the "nice threads" line when straight, but it is "How about those Mets".

You have to understand this too in the context of you, are talking about a low wage government employee. The mere reference of a "nice suit" is condescending and in investigative circles, if your superior starts noting how nice your suits are, and you are on a low wage, that sends of red flags in where is your money coming from, in what type of bribe?

That is what is key in this, as Obama broke all the protocols, in both being condescending and accusatory, and if he was not doing that, it was an obvious thing that this was "Obama gay" coming out, in he was coming onto this agent for oral sex.

We know for a fact that the Secret Service is chosen for political reasons, because Huma Wiener was complaining in secret Hillary emails, that an agent they had trained to look the other way in whatever that Lesbian Islam duo were up to, was taking a new job, and Huma and Hillary were going to have to get this agent to break the law in looking the other way in what they were doing.
So the pattern is set, in Obama surrounded hisself with like minded agents. It explains why the Secret Service was in a meltdown in running Latin whores, as the sexual pervert nature of Obama was permeating the Service.

This harkens back to Obama making that homosexual joke about rolling over in bed with NBC anchor Brian Williams and asking him a question. Obama and Williams engaged in sex as Obama has with other interests, so it is a conclusion that in the Obama entourage of Secret Service agents, there were several sex partners, as Dan Bongino in his first encounter with Birther Obama, was being checked out and chatted up in gay talk.

I in not any way am attempting to smear Mr. Bongino, but if you look at him, he looks like he is one of those in need Vitamin D fags, complete with gay shaved head. Obama looking at this Italian from New York, would immediately conclude he had found a sex mate in white, like Lawrence Sinclair.

The evidence in this event, points to that Obama not only sodomized the military, but added a word to the Secret Service to Obama's Secret fag Service. It explains a great deal in the meltdown in that security division, as it was not designed to protect the person of Obama, but to service the genitals of Obama as courtesans.

It is all recorded in the book, The Fight, and as the other evidence of Secret Service meltdown presents itself, it begins to explain, what was taking place in another fine US agency being converted to a brothel for the Obama sex perverts.

Additional Note: Agent Bongino hedged on Coast to Coast AM in a question of there are body doubles for the occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue, in only pointing out that agents might be chosen who "look like" the person in the Oval Office.
There are body doubles, in the Obama sphere high grade replicas, and their incongruities have been revealed exclusively in this blog as evidence.

Nuff said