Friday, February 12, 2016

Indicting Federal Snipers in Oregon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who do not remember Ruby Ridge, there are precedents in what took place there in federalized snipers shooting Americans and murdering Americans.

The case involved the Clinton regime crackdown for political intimidation of Mormons in Waco Texas, White Separatists in Idaho, and the ATF providing bomb making materials to the Oklahoma City bombers.

At Ruby Ridge, the Randy Weaver family was pounced upon by men in black who shot their dog, and opened up on their young son. During the night the Weaver family had a shoot to kill order engaged upon them, and a sniper shot Randy Weaver, and the same sniper blew the brains out of his wife, as she stood in the doorway holding her infant daughter.

The Weavers who survived were arrested and charged. An entire cover up by the FBI ensued with the promotion of the Gregory Bretzing in this operation of the equally notorious Larry Potts.

In Ruby Ridge, the Congress actually investigated this murder and wounding of Citizens. A Civil Trial ensued and the Weavers settled for millions, but Justice sources revealed that Idaho jurors would have awarded 200 million dollars to the Weavers.

When Weaver sued the federal government for the wrongful death of his wife and son, the government that had tried to kill him twice now sought an out-of-court settlement. In August 1995 the U.S. government paid the Weaver family $3.1 million. On the condition that his name not be used in an article, one Department of Justice official told the Washington Post that if Weaver’s suit had gone to trial in Idaho, he probably would have been awarded $200 million.

 What manifested out of this, was the Idaho Prosecutor brought manslaughter charges against the FBI sniper. The federales were furious over this, but the fact is there is precedent in States or Courts in those States filing charges against federal snipers, for murdering United States Citizens.

An Idaho prosecutor did bring manslaughter charges against the FBI sniper who shot Vicki Weaver. That move really outraged the feds because they insisted that they were capable of policing their own — so long as they did not have any outside “interference.”
The Department of Justice was so disturbed by the indictment of its agent that they dispatched the solicitor general to a federal appellate court to argue that the charges should be dismissed. (The solicitor general ordinarily only makes oral arguments to the Supreme Court). The solicitor general told the judicial panel that even if the evidence supported the charges, the case should be thrown out because “federal law enforcement agents are privileged to do what would otherwise be unlawful if done by a private citizen.” The appeals court rejected that sweeping argument for a license to kill, but by the time that ruling came down last June, a new local prosecutor was in office in Boundary County, Idaho, and he announced that it was time to put this whole unpleasant episode behind us and to “move on.” Thus, the criminal case against the sniper was dropped.
What has degraded in Oregon, is the FBI under Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, has resorted to terrorism, lying to the public, abuse of power, murder, and now the most interesting of intimidation in arresting anything that moves in Oregon that is not goosestepping to the regime line.

The CATO Institute provided the investigation on this, and exposed that the FBI does indeed destroy evidence to protect themselves, and then rewards those who murder Americans like Larry Potts, and it is rotten from the top up.

When an FBI supervisor, Michael Kahoe, admitted to destroying evidence and obstructing justice, he was eventually prosecuted but only after being kept on the FBI payroll until his 50th birthday — so that he would be eligible for his retirement pension. And when Larry Potts was finally forced into retirement, FBI officials flew into Washington from around the country for his going-away bash. Those officials claimed to be on “official business” so they billed the taxpayers for the trip. After the fraud was leaked to the press by some anonymous and apparently sickened FBI agent, the merry band of partygoers were not discharged from service. Instead, a letter was placed in their personnel file, chiding them with “inattention to detail.”

I do not want any of you to overlook the fact that it was someone inside the FBI who leaked to the press all of these crimes and bonuses. There are people inside the FBI now who are sickened by what Gregory Bretzing did, as much as what has been taking place in the BLM, but have no cover to expose any of it, because of the fact that when you have Ted Cruz telling Americans to stand down to be murdered and the Obama regime is doing the murdering,  Agents are going to protect themselves as they have witnessed what happens to Finicums who dare challenge the conglomerates behind this.

We are witnessing something rare in Oregon, and the conglomerates have unleashed the full fury of the federals. The focal point is Special Agent Gregory Bretzing in this Mormon on Mormon War. The conglomerates who buy and sell the whores of both parties have gotten them to crack the whip. There is a great deal of agitation in the conglomerates, and from on top, meaning Jarrett Obama, Homeland was told to unleash for the Department of Interior to get those lands from American Ranchers, and not just get them, but to splash some blood around and now to throw every living thing in jail to get them off those lands.

The image Obama has been whining about so many Americans in jail from Chicago Illinois to Burns Oregon, and yet his has no problem in piling more bodies in morgues or prisons.

Oregon is going to protect the officers who were under FBI orders to murder LaVoy Finicum or for that matter, who it was that actually put one between his eyes, as cover ups build in mounds of evidence disappears.
One drone camera with no audio, and yet there is audio and ground video of all of this which is gruesome, and it is not being made public, just like the autopsy, just like the chain of command in all of these agencies which Special Agent Gregory Bretzing was apparently in command of, who was giving the orders?

We know from the deliberate lies and deceptions by the Oregon FBI, that the choke point is Gregory Bretzing in this, but now how much was a wink and a nod from Loretta Lynch, Director Comey, or were they out of the loop and this was coming directly from Homeland? There were agency lines crossed in this in Justice and Interior. For those following this, this was the State Department as Hillary Clinton's conglomerate benefactors behind all of this in the Clinton Foundation donations.

There would not be this kind of carte blanch thumping of the Bundy's and Hammonds, with arrogance of the Paiute Indians, as the natives always get arrogant when they are hearing promises directly from Washington, if this was not getting cover from the people who own the world and like Jezebel stealing vineyards for Ahab.

The Civil Case in this is what is the focus is, and not the kangaroo courts in Oregon. The weak point in this, is Gregory Bretzing as was Larry Potts. The difference is, is  that a Bush cover up is not going to be available for an Obama cover up in the events of Oregon, nor is Hillary Clinton.

That is why it is important to remember Ruby Ridge. Someone needs to remind the young people (and everyone else) that it really did happen — and that it will happen again if the government is not kept on a short leash. No one will learn about the incident when they tour the FBI facility in Washington.

That is what Timothy Lynch warned Americans of in 2002 AD in the year of our Lord. in 2016, Ruby Ridge was repeated in Burns Oregon.