Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Super Bowl

 The Affirmative Action NFL Theater

Seriously children, are you still thinking that the elite are not manipulating the elections for their Jeb  and Hillary, after watching the Super Bowl?

Seriously, a few weeks ago an expert was on Coast to Coast AM on how American sports are all fraud, like the WWE, and he stated that Peyton Manning is what the NFL wanted to go out with a win.

Guess who won?

You do realize that these are the same leftist Caucasian who own the NFL teams, and they like all these other racists set this all up, to knock Nigger back to the shed in this Cam Newton..........

My God you dolts out there, I watched a few moments of Cam Newton on the field, and you can see in this Afroid's eyes, that he is clueless. Carolina is the biggest Niggerized team in the NFL, and they got a Cruzer coaching them. I mean how damn head up your ass are you people, to not see this was Whitey setting the minorities up to thump their tan asses down, because in American psychology, this is the NFL's way of tanning image Obama's ass, and to put them colored back to the shed.

I am not sorry to burst your bubbles, but Drudge blared the racism of these leftists.

Peyton Manning is the MAN, meaning Obama is duh boy like that Nig Cam Newton.


So let's just let this smack down have all it's appeal, like the Undertaker taking out Batista, like Chris Christie taking out Marco Rubio, like Ted Cruz taking out Ben Carson in election theft. It is a billion dollar fraud. The best teams as I  told you were Green Bay and New England, but this was the drama year for Whitey beating that Nigger's ass, and it had to be the poster boy who has built the NFL in Peyton Manning.

Sorry to the Cam Newton fans, but check out Daunte Culpepper to crystal ball his future, just like Sammy Sousa.

Let us comfort ourselves though with something lovely..........I am thinking vintage Denise Porter who is a capitalist in the bridal industry or something, as that will make all feel a great deal better.

It is why I do not watch these professional frauds any longer, and why I am working to stop the back infernos against Donald Trump, as he is the only reality in this world, and your lives depend on him.