Friday, February 26, 2016

The Ugly Immigrant

In 1963, the sociocommunist traitors who were in the process of overthrowing the Nazi's from Operation Paperclip in America, began the process of seizing the propaganda wing of American politics known as Operation Mockingbird.

One of their first leftist diatribes in smearing Americans was called The Ugly American by Eugene Burdick and William J. Lederer.

The basis for this character was General Edwin Lansdale, the American Hero and Patriot whose intelligence activities were based upon the peaceful transitions of power as Kermit Roosevelt accomplished with cash bribes in Iran for the Shah of Iran, and what General Lansdale was accomplishing in South Vietnam, until the Kennedy brothers began Assassination Incorporated across the globe.

Fifty years later, America has now in full view the fruits of this sociocommunist movement upon the stage of San Antonio Texas in the Republican "debate" of February 25th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, in America has a new novel before her in, THE UGLY IMMIGRANT.

What the world beheld on the GOP stage was exactly the overview of America and for that matter Europe. There on the stage was the successful Caucasian American, Donald Trump, besieged unfairly, without rules by two tan skinned foreigners, not Natural Born Citizens, but a naturalized citizen in Marco Rubio and a illegal immigrant in Ted Cruz.

The leftist press and the self haters of Donald Trump, noted nothing wrong, but revealed their racism in Donald Trump being tag teamed by two chattering tan skinned males in the same mob rape of European women by Muslim invaders.
No boxing match, no team sport would allow one person to be assaulted by two opponents, and yet in San Antonio, that is what Donald Trump was assaulted by. Never mind in this, that Donald Trump proved that one White male was more than a match of two foreign tan skinned males, and Mr. Trump was more than a match for a dozen, because what it is about is the reality of America has the face whether it is Huma Wiener, or Marco Rubio to Rafael Ted Cruz, of THE UGLY IMMIGRANT.

One day it is Huma Wiener shoving a White Hillary Clinton voter who only wanted a hug. The next is the sodomite Marco Rubio joined the hip with foreign born Rafael Ted Cruz appearing as a pack of chihuahuas nipping at Mr. Trump's heels, as that is what the Ugly Immigrant is, and why it is promoted. A mob to intimidate the native into silence.

And what better silence as there on CNN, than two Americans, White John Kasich and Black Ben Carson, absolutely ignored for their American race. Kasich and Carson were American polite in watching this gang attack on Donald Trump in their politeness used against them as Americans have no conception as Europeans how to deal with people like Rubio and Cruz.

Americans and Europeans face it every day. There these tan skins stand in aisles in stores chattering away like squirrels and refuse to move out of the way. There they park their vehicles for chattering talks at gas pumps refusing to get out of the way. Then there they are at train depots raping women or in bars assaulting women, because Christian civilization is now replaced by the savage beast, and the savage beast is protected by the police state on both sides of the Atlantic, because its powerful elite seek to replace the White race with this tan skinned epidemic, as the tan skin is the bridge of slave labor, until robotics genocide them all.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not just uncivilized third worlders in the first world, they are like all of this type. Huma marries Anthony Wiener to gain access, and Marco and Ted, do not marry Cuban girls, but seek out White women to add to their resumes of validation and standing.

This is the face of the Ugly Immigrant, and that face in America numbers according to real statistics of 100 million green card carriers and illegal invaders.

Americans and Europe have witnessed and experienced what will be the result of these Ugly Immigrants becoming the majority. As minorities protected by the police state, they are gang raping and gang attacking Europeans and Americans, sometimes in bars and sometimes on San Antonio stages in debates. It will only be a matter of time before the third world murder is as common as Rahm Emanuel's Chicago, as that is what is designed, and it is all the Ugly Immigrant.

Everyone saw the CNN propaganda afterwards, matching Google search pictures again. There is Donald Trump screen grabbed in a scowling pose and there are the smiling faces of the Ugly Immigrants in Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Race has been introduced into the 2016 election by deliberate assault. It is a rapine and intimidation built upon the Barack Hussein Obama political rape of America and the world. All the Ugly Immigrant:

Ted Cruz Marco Rubio and I would both be a much better president than Donald Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said after Thursday's GOP presidential debate that both he and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida are better choices for the Whi…
The Washington Times3 hours ago

Marco Rubio reads Donald Trump's tweets one-by-one onstage, trolling him over his misspellings

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida found new ways to attack his rival presidential contender Donald...
Business Insider52 minutes ago

There never was an Ugly American, but there always has been the Ugly Immigrant, and now they are on display, assaulting once again American success, American generosity and American virtue, in the guise of the Ugly Immigrants of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

For all of the brainwashed Cruz and Rubio supporters, bear in mind the treacherous and betraying traits of these Ugly Immigrants. Not that long ago, they were all loving Donald Trump. They were loving Evangelicals. They were loving Sarah Palin, but when each of these Americans became competitors to the Ugly Immigrant, the UGLY came out, and that UGLY is going to be unleashed upon each of you, as this kind of UGLY consumes all like Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein.

Now we have Ted Cruz telling Americans that these Ugly Immigrants will make better Americans in the White House than American Donald Trump.
Now we have these Ugly Immigrants in Marco Rubio making fun of Donald Trump's American spelling.

David John Oates in Reverse Speech on Donald Trump found a repeated phrase of "loving America" in all of his speeches. In those same reversals, Mr. Oates found Ted Cruz telling his audience that he was a CONMAN and Marco Rubio was saying FUCK YOU AMERICA.

The Ugly Immigrant is a cancer upon the West and her Christian Civilized Peoples. They will genocide the West as they have already proven before the public what uncivilized third world refuse they are.

Each of you remember that as in your failures some of you hate Mr. Trump for being successful in life, and you remember that Donald Trump has promised to give you that same life, while Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are tearing down Donald Trump, and Senor Cruz and Senor Rubio are bought and paid for by the same conglomerates which installed Obama into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, now engaged in your genocide from Oregon to Chicago to the 2016 elections.

You remember the Ugly Immigrant, as this is the last vote you will cast as an American, if you vote for the Ugly Immigrant.

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