Friday, February 26, 2016

To the Foes of Donald Trump

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I warned all of the supporters of the Ugly Immigrants Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to not go scorched earth on Donald Trump, and instead it has turned into a disgusting third world frenzy of two tan skins ganging up on an American, like the Muslim rapists in Europe.

So, you  foes of Donald Trump, you got in your cheap shots, and Rubio and Cruz are being low life tribal third world today as the grammar police, and telling Americans that American Donald Trump does not belong in the White House, but the White House is only for foreigners like Obama and Rafael Ted Cruz.

What did it get you though really? You can not answer the question as you would not listen to me, so I will inform all of you what you just did for your billionaire elite.

You just incurred the wrath of every Donald Trump, Ben Carson, John Kasich voter, along with every civilized American, which is 63% of the GOP voting block and 100% of the Democratic voting block. You have destroyed yourselves politically.

In the next 8 years under Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, YOU WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL VOICE as you foolishly thought a cheap shot would have a lasting effect. What you have is Ted Cruz who will be booted out of office and Marco Rubio who is leaving office, and will not give a fiddlers fuck about you as you have no value. They will instead Goldman Sachs jobs as that was the deal for them. Destroy the Conservative system in the GOP and you get a 5 million dollar a year job for life.

Now consider this in the Chris Christie, John Kasich and Ben Carson voters. They were Americans. They were civilized. They behaved. They were not the UGLY IMMIGRANT like Cruz and Rubio. Today the people who voted for Chris Christie now have him as Attorney General in the Trump Administration.

For those fucktards who say, "Well that is only a few percentage points." I answer in 3% of 60 million is 1.8 million voters, and wonder of wonders those voters now have a seat at the Donald Trump table like Sarah Palin voters you Cruz and Rubio squat assassins don't have JACK OR SHIT.


Christie Endorses...

Thank you for voting!
Total Votes: 577,910

The Drudge Poll reflected 1/20th or 1 out 20 voters in America, and this is what the election is and will be. I sincerely tried in the past few days to warn all of you Cruz and Rubio voters that your 3rd world tan skins, working for the billionaires were about to destroy you politically, but none of you began acting like grown ups.

You have one chance left in this and I will tell you what that is. Each of you Rubio and Cruz voters go out and repudiate the political rape assaults of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and you prove it by voting for Donald Trump, so he can landslide on Super Tuesday and Mr. Trump will know that each of you abandoned the kind of hate politics of the Ugly Immigrant, and proved you are Americans.

That is not going to get Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz into the Trump White House, but it will get more of your Tea Party advocates like Sarah Palin carrying your water for you.

Personally, this is from me and not from Donald Trump as he has no association with this blog, but personally I am never going to forget these Ugly Immigrants ever. I will find out in all I do by design who were the Cruz and Rubio voters and I will treat you like you have the plague, from this point on.  You deserve nothing and after what took place in San Antonio, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are the modern versions of Benedict Arnold in being traitors to America.

The line is now in the sand. There is no denying the Ugly Immigrants that Cruz and Rubio are. You either repudiate what they are and cross over, or it will be political exile for you forever. This is not some Popular Girl talking, but thee most powerful people in America, and they are coming out against these Ugly Immigrants.

Why Cruz Is In Trouble In Texas
Immig Officers Hate Rubio - 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing'

The fact is Ted Cruz closed up his campaign in Alabama. Thee only shot that the Ugly Immigrants have is in Texas and in typical Rubio and Cruz third world savagery, on stage in San Antonio, they back stab Donald Trump, but in the shadows. Rubio is slitting Cruz's throat in Texas and Cruz is gutting Rubio.

You Cruz and Rubio voters stupidly have been played and followed your leader to the Last Taco Stand as you jumped into the abyss. I will repeat this before your time runs out. Cut a deal with Donald Trump as Chris Christie did. Hand Mr. Trump a landslide and he will be generous with you. When the Cabinet positions come out, Mr. Trump will reckon that you supported him and he will reward you.
Otherwise, the door is going to be locked shut. You will call and no one will answer, and you will be stuck with delegations from your states who have no political power, and will have to rely on deals for scraps instead of being at the table.

Your time has run out and what you do from this point on means either political life or political exile.

Yes Marco Rubio, President elect Donald Trump misspelled words, but Mr. Trump has not had gay cock up his ass or in his mouth like you have Marco.

Yes Ted Cruz, President elect Donald Trump has not released his taxes due to a 12 year audit by the IRS, but that was his money he earned, unlike the taxpayer money you suck on every year of your foreign invader life in America while American children are in poverty.

You Ugly Immigrants desire to get nasty? We have not even started as ICE and INF have the guns and all you have are your rabid tongues.

A little reality check for the Cruz and Rubio body fluid drippers.........Do not piss off the police state which has the guns as it is a hell of a place to be as LaVoy Finicum discovered to not have a friend to give you cover.
Donald Trump is the only friend you have, and if you are stupid, you will obliterate that next Tuesday.

Chris Christie, Ben Carson and John Kasich are far more intelligent than you Mike Huckabee's daughter who is now working for Mr. Trump. Do you want a seat at the table or to be dumped in the 3rd world shit hole of Cruz and Rubio for the next 8 years of your shortening lives.

Tick Tock.