Monday, February 29, 2016

To Cop a Plea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few decades ago, it became in vogue for women to phone up the police in punishing their boyfriends and husbands in spite, and claim "abuse". The situation over and over was a woman phoning up a man, and asking them to come over to talk in a sweet voice, and once the man got there, the woman would initiate a dispute and in every case become physical, whereby the man would leave, and in the next hours find police on his doorstep, charging him with "abuse".

The dejected man would be humiliated as the woman intended, and get photographed, strip searched, cost money and time.......and finally have their lawyer tell them, 'Just plead no contest, and the Judge will fine you with a misdemeanor, and it will all go away, like the crazy woman you are dumping."

That was great advice, until the US Congress passed a law which stated that anyone, male or female, ever convicted or plead out in court for "assault", will forever be banned from owning a firearm.

It literally is the only charge in US history, where a person charged with a misdemeanor will have their Constitutional Rights revoked for life.
It is akin to a traffic stop, banning you from ever going to Church again as a Constitutional Right.

That is what is being heard in the now Dead US Supreme Court with Anton Scalia gone. Justice Clarence  Thomas was the only Justice speaking of the Second Amendment as the Obama traitors were all asking questions about some other nonsense. We are not talking about people who put people into hospitals, but people who are in all of these lovely arrangements of relationships which have a PMS or one beer too many one day, and someone in spite decides to retaliate.

You will notice that for some reason, no one is banning baseball bats, knives, hammers, pillows or cars, as each of these implements are used even more often than firearms............and as Justice Thomas noted, THERE WAS NOT EVEN A GUN USED IN THE ORIGINAL CHARGE. Instead it is gun owners who are being unfairly targeted.

Without Justice Scalia, Americans are going to continue to be infringed upon, as fag Obama Tool John Roberts should have set all these decisions aside until next year, but that is what this George Bush and Ted Cruz Roberts is inflicting upon America.

It is a reality that this infringement should be struck down, but instead will be cemented, like depressed children in high school will soon be banned as adults to own guns.

That is the reality in that Clarence Thomas is all that is left of America on the Supreme Court.