Monday, February 29, 2016

To Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska

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It seems in vogue to publish open letters to the public, lecturing at Donald Trump voters in condescending ways, as Matt Walsh is paid to do by Glenn Beck. In this Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio campaigner who appeared in Iowa, has weighed in to tell us, that he is all for the Constitution and will not be voting for Donald Trump.

Given what we know about him today, here’s where I’m at: If Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee, my expectation is that I will look for some third candidate – a conservative option, a Constitutionalist.
There is a constant theme in Ted Cruz voters in Ted can be Dictator in chief in directing with pen all of what the Pelosi Reid Congress passed in Obama laws, but that never seems to be a problem when it comes to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio committing vote fraud in Iowa to lynch Ben Carson.  

I personally have had it with the constant demeaning diatribes against Donald Trump voters, as only Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush voters have researched any issue. So I am going to address the strong arm reality of Donald Trump which Ben Sasse and Matt Walsh are whining about, as I have done so already, but these braintards do not get it.

Americans on the right have been brainwashed by Limbaugh scripts to "change hearts and minds one at a time" for almost 30 years. What that got us was treacherous RHINO Republicans lying they were for Reagan while  voting liberal, and installing this bi national Obama, and now they want bi national Cruz or bi sexual Rubio.

I will take this slow so that Nebraskan with turd for brain will get this. There is  reason I said Donald Trump is a Jehu. There is a reason I made note of this God had someone in the works who was passed over on the plains in a strongman to save America, as that is what it is going to take.

Ben Sasse speaks in terms of the lost war.........yes let us all be Constitutionalists........the US Constitution does not exist. The evil from Obama droning Americans, Chicago is a Rahm Emanuel Nigger shoot, LaVoy Finicum and the Bundys are denied all their rights, there is no Congressional oversight and the Supreme Court has been overthrown.....we have an entity in the White House going by the name of Obama who is British Kenyan and Indonesian legally..........that means image Obama can not be in the White House, and there Ben Sasse sits on his ass like Mark Levin spouting about the Constitution acting as if the document is any protection. The Constitution is dead as America.

It is going to take crossing the Rubicon, and that is what I have written.  If these Cruz and Rubio mindtards can not get it.......Cruz is going to be a dictator for carving Obama off American history while replacing you with Mexicans for Wall Street, and Rubio is going to be a dictator replacing you with Mexicans for Wall Street as he uses the police state to thump you like Obama.
Yes but Donald Trump is the problem.............and we are all to just install the worst thumper of them all in the body count of Hillary Clinton.
So Ben Sasse do not lecture this Donald Trump supporter about the Constitution, as I was getting death threats while building the American Resistance as a Christian as you were hiding under you bed with that fraud Ted Cruz!!!!!!!

Now to the point, I am perfectly aware that Donald Trump is going to be what he is, and I hope to God he is. Because it is going to take a President which will gut the liberals Civil Servants all through this regime to free America, and that includes prosecutions in the press, intimidation and real thumping.
Ted Cruz is a damned fool if he thinks ink on an executive order is going to make a difference, as all of these Bush, Obama trolls in this regime, industry and media are going to be doing the same damn things they always have done. The time for talk is over. It is going to take a Howard Hughes running his detractors out of Washington DC to oblivion. It is going to take Ronald Reagan obliterating his political opponents as they tried to eliminate him.

I am fully aware that this could go Argentinian Junta to save America, but I have no problem with right wingers as I am not a fraud. I know the numbers in this too, in Donald Trump will serve two terms due to age and that is his term limits. Hillary Clinton dying in office will have the forever civil service to continue on. Ted Cruz is too damned young as this person who proved already he hates the Constitution and Tea Party, would turn into a generational Stalin more gruesome by the year. If you can not see this Ben Sassse, because you were on your knees before Ted Cruz in he made you, then your shit for brains is typical for Nebraskans, who keep that nation rapist Warren Buffett around in your crime laden Omaha pedophile rings to celebrate them all as heroes.

So Ben  Sasse, your disjointed discourse attack against Donald Trump, only proved like all Rubio and Cruz voters that you are not over the horizon people with sight. You are fear mongers and one of the most important assets of Donald Trump is that he is going to put the fear of God into each you cowards, as you are all talk and have done nothing but increase the size of the American gulag.

Honestly Ben Sasse, you belong de tasseling corn, Ted Cruz belongs pitching shit and Ted Cruz belongs picking citrus with the rest of that class. None of you have any semblance of understanding history, the present or the future. None of you can see your tyrants which you are, but can only see the tyrant Donald Trump will be.
In order to take America back, it is going to have to be a brutal and bloody business, but as LaVoy Finicum proved, America has nothing but socio paths in the police state now. We just need that group of thugs turned away from Americans and onto the traitors who are criminalizing Americans with their own laws, and to rid these disUnited States of them.
There is going to be nothing nice about this, no more nice than it was in the 1950's when this system smashed the unAmerican, before it was overthrown by the current brand of Obama feudal despot. It is going to have to be done, and when it is done, there will rise up more whiners who would have been genocided saying, how brutal it all was.
I fully understand that Donald  Trump is going to turn the police state machine on all the enemies of Americans, and I hope to God it is as brutal and lethal as Sherman marching through Georgia, so it has this ilk so broken it never rises again.
This is the Trump Revolution as deep as the George Washington Revolution which drove all those damned Tories out of America. I know this as my family was on both sides of that Declaration in 1776 who both bled for America and were driven out to Canada. Brutality never harmed either group in the least.
So Ben Sasse, you should learn to be seen for Donald Trump and not heard for Ted Cruz, as that lesson is coming. I know fully well that if Mr. Trump had not risen in my gambit, that I would be the hunted prey again as I have been for years, as you had your life of luxury pretending you are an American.
I have warned all of you horrid and heinous detractors of Donald Trump, that now is the time to make the deal for yourself, so you are in this Administration like Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, Sarah Palin etc... solving the problems which you created Mr. Sasse, instead of being the problem which the above will be dealing with.
Donald Trump will be President. I pray that God works through him like Jehu in wiping the Jezebel nation America has become from ever returning to her whoredoms again. I move for an American first and an American never last. An American unapologetic and an America as ruthless in the defense of Barry Goldwater liberty as George Washington, George Custer and George Patton unleashed on this land of the free and the home of the brave.
I am telling you Cruz and Rubio voters to get on your hind legs, be humans and join Donald Trump in this Revolution, or you will be swept aside like the Tories and be remembered for the Benedict Arnolds you are.
For those who think this strong, you Cruz and Rubio supporters have been nothing but brutal and bullying. You get on the right side now or that very angry America in the not to distant future is going to pick all your internet posts just like the FBI is plucking them up to use them against the Bundy group in Oregon now.
Get on the side of the Administration which is going to control that police state  and stop acting like you can be spoiled brats in your assaults will not have consequences later.

I know what it is going to legally be required to set the America right which Donald Trump takes back. You stop making yourself a target and problem, and allow the adults to do what needs doing, so you can live in your delusions like all Americans do, that all of this peace and prosperity just happens, because you admire yourself in the mirror.
Either Donald Trump's Revolution accomplishes this, or the American race is dead forever, and will be replaced by a crawling race of mongrels who will  feed the mountain lion and the wolf, after the robots exterminate that population.
See I live in the future, I know the protocols, I have been through the looking glass in where Alice only visits.

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