Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump Take All

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I personally would like to thank the Americans of South Carolina for voting in record numbers, including Evangelicals, and providing Donald Trump another massive victory, in overcoming vote fraud, vote disenfranchisement and election tampering.

I ran across two reports in the Gov. Nikki Haley, Division of Motor vehicles somehow neglected to register voters and turned them away. This is criminal and was deliberate to attempt to steal this from Mr. Trump, along with the very unSouth Carolinian stacking of the boo crowed at the debate by Ms. Haley.
The second was a disgusting post on Facebook which was from a Cruz deviant who tried to start a rumor of "I hope Mr. Trump is alright and they apprehended the perpetrator" as the polls were hours from closing.

No people should be put through this kind of political terrorism in trying to deprive them of their free and fair right to vote.

As I type this, I am frowning over the "late" reporting counties, in it is interesting how those are the counties which Marco Rubio was "surging" in and the counties were Ted Cruz was close to Mr. Trump.
Simply put, I believe thee entire scenario of South Carolina was to suppress Mr. Trump's real numbers in the 50 plus percent range, down to the 40's and then to keep voters from voting, to provide this late ballot box stuffing.

Watch what is behind the "suspension" of Jeb Bush's campaign. I keep telling you this is about Cruz and Rubio vote splitting, and one with these fraud super delegates is going to be made to throw in behind the Cruz has no base now except in Texas, I believe it will be for Rubio, and as I stated, it will not be two brown skins, so it will be Jeb Bush as Vice President lurking around, if you people do not start waking up and securing this for Donald Trump and stop this intrigue.
If you do not want to attend a funeral for a brown skin sometime in 2017 so Jebby will be made president, then come home to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is projected to win Nevada, and there honestly is not an opportunity now, outside of vote fraud for under tier candidates to pick up any momentum, as this not weeks to sort things out, but a bam, bam, bam of voting and when the headlines project TRUMP WINS, that is who people will be voting for.

Tuesday, March 1
(Super Tuesday, SEC Primary)
Alabama60 D, 50 ROpen 
Alaska caucus (R)28Closed 
American Samoa caucus (D)10Open 
Arkansas37 D, 40 ROpen 
Colorado caucus79 D, 37 RClosed
Georgia116 D, 76 ROpen 
Massachusetts 116 D, 42 RMixed 
Minnesota caucus93 D, 38 ROpen 
Oklahoma42 D, 43 RClosed 
Tennessee76 D, 58 ROpen 
Texas252 D, 155 ROpen 
Vermont26 D, 16 ROpen 
Virginia110 D, 49 ROpen 
Wyoming caucus (R)29Closed

Rubio will have absolutely no support to trend in Super Tuesday. Cruz because of home turf can muddy up  Texas. The reality is though, you have witnessed the White Republican and the Black Republican, like at the Vatican, in Rubio is the party choice to be nominated now that Jeb Bush was such a disaster in he came down like the Berlin Wall for Donald Trump, and the black Republican in Cruz was backed to chisel points off of Donald Trump, and in the end these billionaires and election fraud still could not defeat Donald Trump, even with Big Koch's Mark Levin electioneering and Nikki Haley's electioneering.

It is time for the cadaver dog to be called, as Jeb Bush is in the morgue and if Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz had any American decency, they would quit. Donald Trump won Iowa, he won New Hampshire, and proved he could win in South Carolina, so Mr. Trump can win anywhere, against all frauds and against all the billionaire stooges out there.

That makes Donald Trump the only Republican who will defeat Hillary Clinton in November 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

It is time for Canadian Ted Cruz to quit along with Marco Rubio, in joining the vanquished Jeb Bush.

As an additional note: 

Around 10 months ago, the Lame Cherry embarked upon what most thought was the impossible task of denying Jeb Bush the Republican nomination. The Lame Cherry was the first to expose that the elite had chosen Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush for 2016.
As of the summer of 2015, the plagiarists of Lame Cherry were all pronouncing this was over, and that Jeb was the nominee, this February night though, by God's Grace, the Lame Cherry neutralized the heinous Jeb Bush and forced him from the Republican primaries in breaking him financially, emotionally and politically.

By God's Grace I accomplished this against numerous difficulties in Facebook banning me illegally, the trolls interfering, and Homeland disrupting my workings here, along with demonic attacks which still continue upon my person.

I told you my objective was to defeat Jeb Bush. God deserves all credit in magnifying the ability, and giving a better horse to ride than Scott Walker. I am going to point this out as it needs to be done so as it grits on many of you when I am proven right again and again, and that is the reality that the Lame Cherry just changed the time line by God's Grace and the Lame Cherry matrix control, completed the objective in removing the most powerful political family in America.

I will not allow a resurrection of this bone picker Jeb Bush, but the mechanics of this continue. I am the sapper in the wire on point living in the future while you are in today.  Now it is on to focus on primary objective now that the first objective is nullified, and that is ending the political career of Hillary Clinton in her landslide defeat by President Donald John Trump.

You owe me all you are for engineering this by God's Grace. Our horse Donald John has the wind for this race. You are going to ride him sooner than later, so get on now and be part of the solution and not the problem.

Lame Cherry in another exclusive in matter anti matter in what no one else assessed possible. It is good to be me. Now you rich people donate as the bill is coming due.

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