Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cheer up Jeb! You'll Always be George's Little Brother

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I feel compassion upon Jeb Bush. He has fancied himself a Confederate Hero and entered the South and came away with retreat.

I feel bad for the Bush supporters, in he really let them down. I saw their faces. There are more smiles in a paternity ward finding out your white wife just gave birth to three black babies.......and you are an Oriental.

It is like picking the brand name cereal like I did once as a babuchkin and finding out that the prize inside was just an empty wrapper. I still think that those Minnesota companies owe me a toy after all these years, and the Jeb Bush supporters must feel the same way.

In that, what does Jeb Bush have?

He failed as the smart CIA brother and the drunken fag George succeeded at being President.
His pa trashed George for him, which is more bad feelings, and then Jeb trashed George which is more bad feelings and then Jeb dragged old ma out of the geezer home to eat pancakes and she is always a testy old broad anyway.

The Bush delinquent all abandoned daddy Jeb.......all vanished like his dreams.

The there is Columba as her Corumba days are done, and all you got is a midget that looks like what most peons ride to the market.

I would think after this that Diane Sawyer would have the ATF swoop down with a psychiatrist order taking that gun from Jeb Bush, being all depressed and all, as you are a failure to your grumpy parents, your drunken fag brother will always be better than you, your children should all be in prison and you got a Mexican wife.........and the best thing you can say is you can speak to a taco in Spanish.

There is not a lot of work out there for failed brother's of the failed son of a president who used to launder money for the CIA in dope deals. Not like Kermit Roosevelt jr in going off to Iran to overthrow that country.......and I doubt that Donald Trump would trust him either.

That is the thing in Jeb Bush was really a bad political character. He did not know how to trash talk like an American and kept thinking because he got to walk around at Bohemian Grove that he just had to be like Obama and show up to be President.

There really is nothing Jeb Bush can do, unless like Bill Clinton he likes getting massages from teenage children on junkets, as I just do not think Jeb and little Jeb have it in them to map an Amazon jungle river like Teddy Roosevelt did.

He does have that big mansion in the Bush compound he just built. I suppose he could mow the lawn there......without his gun now confiscated by Loretta Lynch as Jeb is no doubt depressed.
Maybe he could snort coke, as he just trashed his Vatican leader and that stuff does not go over to big with that Paters......then there is drinking........or finding yourself a tall blonde gal to make yourself feel bigger.

.......or he could carry Marco Rubio's bags around or at least lift the heavy ones that might be too cumbersome for a bi sexual.

I just don't know what Jeb Bush could do, because he did not just ruin the easiest chance at being President in history, but he ruined his old man's and big brother's legacy too......and his children's legacy as no one will ever want a Bush or an Obama again after those two.

Maybe he will just pretend to be Donald Trump. I am sure some cheap airlines would let him write TRUMP with a giant blue magic marker on the side, and he could pretend that he is winning in the rest of the primaries..........and maybe just get Columba some 3 foot spike heels, a nice wig, some bra stuffers and then pretend he is married to Melania.

I think that is best for Jeb. I mean nothing goofy like changing his name or trying to try on Donald Trump's clothes when he is not home, but you know just being Donald Trump so Jeb could feel what it is like to be a winner and an American, as a lot of people really like Donald Trump, and in time Jeb might be called upon after he apologizes to Mr. Trump and does something classy early in asking for his voters to support Donald Trump........that President Trump might appoint him to something Jeb is qualified for. I could not address that, as I really do not know what Jeb Bush could do, other than what he was born to, in being George W. Bush's little brother.