Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The Trump Revolution Begins


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This personal thank you to the Americans of New Hampshire for once again righting all Iowa wrongs, and overcoming the vote fraud inflicted upon you.
You should be proud in John Kasich, Jebus Bush and Chris Christie have been pooping in your fine lavatories for almost a year, trying to convince you that their shit does not stink, and you in turn flushed them.

You have rewarded your Favorite Son, Donald Trump for his work. I thank you for not being fooled by this ilk of traitors, and the billionaire slave traders, have now had their boy, Jeb Bush, spend 100 million dollars for two 4th place finishes. So please enjoy, all that money these frauds have dumped to enrich the Granite State.

New Hampshire has now given Americans the first step to walking us out of this grave. We now have the headlines of:






You can double Kasich's dismal numbers and they still did not touch Donald Trump's massive vote.  You can add losers Cruz, Bush and Rubio totals, and they still do not touch Donald Trump's massive vote.

I have hope at this moment, but we move to South Carolina and Kasich shot his wad in  New Hampshire. Rubio is too fag, Christie is too Jersey thug and it comes to the Iowa election thief in Cruz who went flat line in New Hampshire and 4th place Jebpanzee Bush, only has election fraud and George W. Bush.

It pits now Bush insiders against Cruz dupes.

Move by the flank. Winning South Carolina settles this as momentum builds.