Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Tar Baby

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Back at memory alpha, we know things of the past at the Lame Cherry and know things of the future, as we reside there. So I now open your skulls to pour into your minds some intelligence which is seriously lacking.

We now return to the Ghost of Reagan Past in his free trade and that Ross Perot warning of the North American Free Trade or NAFTA, or that huge sucking sound. Ronald Reagan was right in making Latin American trading partners. These Republics prospered greatly, but the cartel was there as it always is, and in that economic boom of trade and expansion, many people were suckered in those nations into taking cheap money on interest to invest..........and soon as they took that money on interest, the interest rates skyrocketed, bankrupted those nations, and soon they were owned by the financiers and Obama communist nations.

Do not feel bad, as they did the same thing to the American family farmers in the 1970's and you Dotcom bubble moguls in the Clinton bust.

What this is about though is what I had warned those morons in North Dakota or Um Dakota as Limbaugh calls it. You probably should have known something was fucktard wrong when Mark Levin was bragging about North Dakota, because he is the same genius who backed Orin Hatch and is vouching for the lovely Canadian Ted Cruz, who steals Iowa elections from coloreds.

North Dakota got addicted to high oil prices again, so it started spending money like a crack whore with evil triplet sisters. I warned these North Dakotans, but they kept preaching prosperity as all their money went to Wall Street investors by Warren Buffett, and all of those Independent Oil Barons got all kinds of loans to buy up the North Dakota mineral rights from Citizens, develop those wells, and now 2016 is going to be a record seizing of those assets.

I desire to explain that fact again, as North Dakotans are deluded into thinking this is their oil. Well how is it their oil, when an Independent oil corporation owns the rights, and that oil company is in debt up to it's ass to CITIBANK, which is owned by Saudi Arabia?
As I exclusively broke all of these stories in Lame Cherry matter anti matter, Saudi Arabia used it's oil at Obama's demand to break Putin, but they also broke American oil, and in exchange for pumping their wells dry, they bought up American oil literally for pennies on the millions of dollars.

I am still waiting for someone to steal this exclusive and repost it, but they will probably be assassinated by the cartel, as this might cause a revolution when Americans find out they got their oil stole from them, because North Dakotans are morons.

Did you know that North Dakota this year has a 1 billion dollar shortfall in their budget? Quite a tidy sum in a land where agriculture was king, but was swept aside, and now there are not enough cows or sugar beets to cover that massive debt.

Let's just post of a few New York Times quotes to save time.

At the State Capitol, Gov. Jack Dalrymple last Monday ordered 4 percent budget cuts and tapped $497 million from a rainy-day fund to close a $1 billion budget shortfall.
Rural towns that spent the past years building, spending and taking on debt are now facing grim realities. Williston, for one, has taken on $215 million in debt, and governments around the region are spending to build roads, a sewer plant, new schools and a recreation center for the growing population. A new $250 million international airport is also in the works.

I especially like this quote:

Williston expects $151 million in revenue this year, down about 23 percent from two years ago. Real estate prices have come down, giving a welcome break to many renters, but agents say there is a glut of about 300 to 400 homes for sale, with more being built.

400 houses at high prices not being sold, people losing their asses, and more houses being built. I will give yo a hint in China is filling warehouses with goods, no one wants, but is trying to keep a revolution from starting there by manufacturing goods yet. All of these morons, and the biggest in North Dakota, still have these glazed eyed looks of fiction spouting out, "Well the oil will pump again, maybe 6 months or 6 years, but it will pump".
Last time it took 30 years for oil to return to pumping prices, but these North Dakotans looking to glory oil, have no idea that Saudi Arabia owns that oil, and will not pump that oil at any royalty rate that North Dakota sets. See the elite are going to bust North Dakota, put some more of their frauds into power, to get those rates reduced to nothing, as cash strapped North Dakota will do anything to pump oil soon enough, and when that comes, North Dakota will be buying their oil at 10 dollar a gallon gasoline as they mortgage all they have left........just like Brazil.

I am delighted in all of this, in it reminds me of Edmund O'Brien on the Wild Bunch, telling the smart outlaws who stole bags of washers instead of gold, and the old man laughing said to them, "Well you got your finger up your ass, got a big grin on your face and THEY tied a can to your tail".

Such smart boys those North Dakota types. Trusting the very oil traitors who worked a deal to put Obama into office and keep him there in gouging Americans on 5 buck a gallon gasoline, and now the billionaires have their money, the Independents are bankrupt doing the Nigger work on the oil fields, North Dakota does not own it's oil and is going bankrupt, and just like armed Americans, these fools all are standing around with fingers up their asses thinking the oil is theirs and that happy days will come again.
No, their genocide is coming and their GOP imported their Muslim and Jesuit Latin replacements.

 They are coming for all of us. What happened to LaVoy Finicum is just the tip of the iceberg in the West.

I am pleased being right again, but the always experts would not listen, as they believed the propaganda and never knew they were being led into another scheme to bring their destruction.

Even large breasts are not going comfort them or you.