Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump Unlocks the West


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What was the most amusing of the Nevada voting, was Donald Trump bitch slapping Glenn Beck today in Mr. Trump walking in on a Beck speech and the entire auditorium swarming to Donald Trump.

In that, I would like to thank the Western voters of Nevada for delivering Donald Trump a victory in that State. There is something that all of you are missing in this, as all of your coverage and prejudices are New York media. There is a vast bit of America which is west of the Mississippi River. They are as distinct a race of people as any on the planet. It is why they vote Republican primarily and have an entirely different set of outlooks than people who life in Rhode Island, because people in the West have bigger counties than most eastern states.

What I desire for you to understand in this which no one will point out, is the fact that Donald Trump, the New York businessman, won in Nevada. Donald Trump won in the West, not by a small margin, but by a landslide margin.
That is important as a sign, because Nevada has adopted Donald Trump. That means the American John Wayne cowboy West has adopted Donald Trump, just like they did Ronald Reagan.

Do not miss this fact. Ted Cruz is Texas. Texans are western peoples. Texans are in Nevada like ticks on a sheep. Ted Cruz, a latin product in a land where the Basque and Mexican are part of the culture, should have contended in Nevada as in winning it easily, as that is Cruz's home turf. Donald Trump went into the West and the West loved Donald Trump and made him their own.

This means everything from Idaho to North Dakota and all points South are going to vote for Donald Trump, and that means that Texas is going to not take the Canadian son Cruz, but take the American son in Donald Trump.
Do not lose this fact, as the Western peoples are as unique as the Southern peoples as the Northeast, as the West Coast and the Midwest. This is huge in Donald Trump went into the West and the West chose him. Donald Trump is not just a television persona any more. Donald Trump has become a regional candidate. Donald Trump has the Northeast and now the West, and he will build a wider margin in the South, the Midwest and the West Coast.

No one left in the race can no longer contend with Donald Trump. Ted Cruz has absolutely no following. Marco Rubio is barely an also ran, and is not viable in Texas, California or his Florida, and he has no chance like anyone else in Donald Trump's New York.

Donald Trump has been adopted as a native son of the John Wayne west. This is huge.

Congratulations to Donald Trump, he now has the Evangelical landslide, 46% of the Hispanic vote, and now the West. Thanks to Nevada.

God bless Donald Trump to be the hand of God and to unite these Sovereign States again. In His Name, Amen and Amen