Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yes those brave Rosies

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We have all been told the propaganda of how Americans all pulled together in World War, but none of you know that in World War II, those fine industrial workers went on strike often enough for more money, in blackmailing the Government, costing Americans more in taxes and debt, and more to the fact it prolonged the war.

Here is the quote:

Nothing brought more discouragement and discontent to our fighting forces, or was productive of more condemnation from them, than strikes back in the homeland. The war was inevitably prolonged thereby, exposing men in the forward areas to danger of life and limb for just so much more time. This callous disregard for our lives by fellow countrymen, deferred from the draft, drawing fantastic wages—plus overtime—was infuriating and should have been handled, we felt, by exchanging those "Fancy Dans" (a term borrowed from General Bradley) with an equal number of men in the front lines.

Lockwood, Charles A., 1890-1967. Sink 'Em All; Submarine Warfare In The Pacific

Interesting realities in after the war, Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman "occupation forces" in Germany were busy raping and starving to death Germans, but during the war American workers were on strike, imperiling America.

Odd is it not, that no one ever seems to be related to these worthless traitors........who bred an entire new generation of liberals, as the Patriot Heroes were dead on the battlefields.

The Mine Workers, by contrast, who did not belong to either the AFL or the CIO for much of the war, threatened numerous strikes including a successful twelve-day strike in 1943.

Just another wonderful bit of history which has been censored.