Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vatican Inquisition of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to waste time here in going into Scripture to refute the Pater Pope, AKA, Pope Francis, AKA the False Prophet of the anti Christ in his salvo of condemnation of Donald Trump in Mr. Trump keeping America safe, because most people will not understand the Bible.

What I will state is this, in the reason behind the attack of the Pater Pope against Donald Trump, is what I have been exposing for the past years.

It is this:

The Jesuits or the Black Robes, which the Black Pope have been fomenting Latin Revolution for the past century to install Marxist regimes in Latin America, as the Padres of the Catholic religion need Castro guns to kill off those who will not bow to the Vatican.

The reason the Vatican has been with their image Obama, importing Mexicans into America, is because these peons have been trained for centuries to submit to feudal control of the Padres. They will obey on penalty of hell whatever the Vatican orders them to do.

For those who are caught up in the Jew Levin and Vatican Hannity "Judeo Christian" propaganda, America has only been PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN as it was founded by Protestant Pilgrims. The Vatican loathes Christian Protestants, and if you ever get a Padre to speak what the Vatican really believes, it is simple that every Protestant is a heretic and going to hell, and if the Vatican could get away with it today, it would burn you at the stake again.

I have warned all the people in Europe and America, that the Vatican has been behind the dumping of Mexicans and Muslims into your nations. The Muslims are to be the militant arm that assassinates you Christian Protestants and the Mexicans are the Catholics to replace you in voting mass.

This has nothing to do with walls on the border, except the wall stops the Catholic Jesuit revolution which this Pater is linked up with the Obama he loves.

That is what this is all about, in Donald Trump is thwarting the Vatican's subjection of America by Muslim militantism and Mexican invasion to make Protestants a minority in their lands to do away with them once and for all.

Read Revelation sometime in the anti Christ murders all those Martyrs, including those Catholics who do not submit to the system.

For those who want further proof that this is the False Prophet, this Pater Pope, just sanctioned Homo Hannity sodomite weddings by the Padres. That is an abomination to God and the False Prophet just made it Vatican rite.

Nuff said.