Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Retroactive Obama Regime

Federals Murdered Cliven Bundy Cattle
Where are the indictments for that?


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In the old times of Director J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, the FBI used to find crimes that Al Capone was involved in, even going to tax evasion to finally convict the mobster.

In the new era of the Loretta Lynch Injustice Department,  it is now a matter of  "retroactive charges" in this regime being stalemated by Cliven Bundy in Nevada, did not charge him or others then, but now years later
"new" charges have appeared, in what has become an Obama Lynch Comey trademark of "Grey Bar Assassination" of Americans.

This is fascinating really as CNN is reporting that Bundy, arrested in Oregon, was indicted for "crimes" in Nevada......and it gets better at this quote:

Cliven Bundy and four others -- including his sons Ryan and Ammon, who led the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon -- were indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday, according to the U.S. attorney for Nevada.
The five face 16 felony charges relating to an armed standoff the Bundys and their supporters had with the federal government in 2014.
Ryan Payne, who participated in the Oregon wildlife occupation, and Peter Santilli were also charged, authorities say.

Apparently in this new Injustice System, you did not even have to be a part of what took place in Nevada, but taking part in things in Oregon, gets you arrested for things done in Nevada, as mysterious new charges manifest out of regime air as it is clarified there.

So you get this, someone like Cliven Bundy is now a political prisoner and he is sentenced to death in prison to break him, just like the BLM murder an old woman in Utah which started all of this.
Someone like Pete Santilli who is young is going to die in prison, as he now faces ludicrous charges in Nevada to match the ludicrous charges in Oregon.

US Attorney Daniel G. Bogden provides an example of what Cliven Bundy is charged with:

The indictment released on Wednesday said the eldest Bundy was the leader of the movement to extort the federal government into returning his cattle.

So you get the translation in this, Cliven Bundy is being charged with making the regime hand over cattle which the regime had stolen from him.
That is now a crime in America.

Furthermore there is this unique charge:

In 2014, at the time of his alleged crimes, more than 1,000 head strayed as far as 50 miles from his ranch and into the Lake Mead National Recreational Area, "getting stuck in mud, wandering onto golf courses, straying onto the freeway (causing accidents on occasion)," authorities said in documents.

Livestock getting stuck in the mud is now a criminal offense, and you should be aware that if your dog or kitty wanders onto a golf course or goes across the street, the US Attorneys are going to be arresting you for being lawless and dangerous.

Lastly, we have this infringement against Americans:

"The presence of many gunmen in and near the area of Bundy Ranch, the armed checkpoints and patrols, the presence of assault weapons in the militia camps, including (by some accounts) a .50 caliber machine gun, further increased the difficulty of conducting a physical investigation of Bundy Ranch or the impoundment site," prosecutors added.

Seriously, there is a worthless document called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which states you can invite as many people onto your property as you care to, that law enforcement does not have any rights on your property without a warrant, and that owning guns, carrying guns and having guns is all legal......except in this Department of Injustice.

But this is all about Grey Bar Assassinations, due to Obama Retroactive charges which appears years AFTER anything you did or did not do.

It took nearly took two years for authorities to finally file charges against Bundy because, prosecutors indicated, "the investigation became purely historical in nature."

Let us be honest here, in this is just these regime thugs piling on, having been given orders to make an example of these people to cow all of you into being terrorized by them, as this is regime ordered terrorism against Americans

What the regime is not telling you is that it is historically the REGIME'S responsibility to fence in thousands of miles of "land" if the regime does not want livestock on that land. But this is not about law, this is about murdering Americans, in the same way the Indians who did not cower on the reservations for profit were shot down.

We really need Donald Trump in this to save Americans, as what happens next in this? Your dog runs across the street 5 years ago, and you have FBI SWAT breaking down your doors for endangering the public, because you posted on Facebook something supporting Marco Rubio or Cliven Bundy?

They just charged Cliven Bundy for his cows being stuck in the mud on federal lands which you own, and the BLM was negligent in, for not fencing the cattle out.

This really makes me want to vomit as the despots of 1770 have returned by King George in criminalizing Americans for being Americans.

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