Monday, February 8, 2016

Vote Suppression in New Hampshire

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump is going to win New Hampshire by double digits. What the situation now is, is VOTE SUPPRESSION, because they do not want Donald Trump scorching the field as is possible with a 30 point lead.

That is why CALLFIRE was taken down today "for maintenance", as this business phones people in New Hampshire to remind them to vote. Of course, the software was turned off at the relay by magic, just like my phone was turned off at the relay when I was trying to be rid of satan's phone service.

I am just warning all of you, that is this not over. Jeb Bush blurted out again that "Trump would not be the nominee". This silver spoon Jeb is being fed this information from HW's sub operational groups who have been part of this vote fraud.

Jeb went after Marco Rubfagio, because that was the voting block to be divided up for Jeb and Christie. There is a puppy press coup going on in talking down Rubio, and there is going to be e vote fraud, and border crosser voter fraud again, just like in Iowa.
Donald Trump has such a huge lead, that they can not feasibly steal this election. All they can do is suppress the vote in New Hampshire and then move onto South Carolina to steal it there.

Fully expect in South Carolina for Jeb Bush through vote fraud to PLACE SECOND. He will declare victory in New Hampshire in 4th place, and claim to be the rising star, and that the race is now between "Trump and Bush", whereby the real election theft will be on Super Tuesday, in Bush fraud stolen votes, taking us to the convention for a Jeb nomination in stealing this from you and from Mr. Trump.

Maybe you can see this now being set up, in what I have been warning you of. You are being conditioned and filled with too much information from the cartel, all to bring this about.
My attempt is to expose this enough to make them back pedal hard, to take them off their propaganda game, and make them uncomfortable with what is taking place in this vote fraud.

Last week they tried to assassinate Mr. Trump in crashing his 757 jet. This week it is fagging out Rubio and bringing in vote suppression to New Hampshire. You children and brats are going to have to give Donald Trump such huge margins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, that HW Inc is not going to be able to pull off what they have plotted.

...and know this, for what I just posted, Andrew Breitbart was assassinated for daring to expose less.
I have just fucked up a half a billion dollar campaign for the elite, worth trillions of dollars, and removing you as a political force, by telling you what is the operational substance of this.

No one else is ever going to do this in attempting to save you from your genocide.

So you know.

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