Monday, February 8, 2016

Europa Bailed In

The Viking suggested these Comfort Cushions to soothe our hurts
but due to their robust nature I believe that she should be kept in reserve
until after they steal all of your money, the anti Christ appears and Armageddon
as she appears to be the Mother of all Comforts
 I would not want to suffocate you children with all that compassion

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to waste a great deal of space in this, because it is only signs of what is coming, as I have explained this in an earlier post, but the reality is that European banks are setting up to BAIL IN, in they are going to seize trillions in assets and replace European Euros with bank stocks which will be worthless.

This will come to America, and it probably will be an Obama shock and awe moment as this meltdown is designed to divest all assets from China, then Europe, and then America, to produce a bunch of grubbers that an anti Christ will sweep to power in Europe to "save all" with his state run buy and sell mark of the beast.

Selloff in European banks 'ominous'...

Greek stock market meltdown...

Russia shuts two more...

Bank investors have suffered two lost decades...

.............and this just in.

Do not feel bad for Cam Newton or even mock this head up his ass Afroid, because it is a delight to see in this rats in the maze reality, that Cam Newton actually believed, like all his taunting Nigs on Carolina, that they went 15 and 1, just like the Nigs in Minnesota led by Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss going 15 and 1, that they actually had talent, and were a great football team, when all Carolina was, was an appeal to get Niggerbucks in getting black Americans to watch football and believe they were successful, and not Obama failures, so they would stop burning down Ferguson Missouri.
These football players, who are not part of any GAME, but a PRESENTATION OF THE NFL, as has been pointed out by a top fraud exposer of professional sports, is the reality that Cam Newton actually believes like Peyton Manning, that they have talent, just like Ted Cruz thinks he has a voter base.......just like Jeb Bush drinks the kook aid in thinking like Hillary and Obama, that people actually would vote for them.

Newton Walks Out Of Press Conference...

So stop being suckered by Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. You people are not that intelligent. You need to let the adults who who have your interests at heart, namely this blog, tell you to vote for Donald Trump as your only hope of getting out of this Abyss. We get out of here, then we can mould Donald Trump into the more complete American we all desire.

You do not have Mr. Trump, you are dead. There is not going to be any walking out like Cam Newton pouting. There is just going to be you dead in the snow, shot down like LaVoy Finicum..........with bullets you bought for the police state.

I can tell you that stocks will devalue, and that money in the bank is not going to be yours. I am stuck without that big donation, as I would put it into land. My advice again is get out of debt, have some cash on hand and have your home paid for, so at least you can grow a turnip, and you will have a few years to pay back taxes if you lose everything.

Best I can do for you, as no one funded my media empire as they thought they could hide from it all.

Nuff Said