Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We now have 25 more minutes to Breathe


 ...and now for the next Obama Supreme Court Nominee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry rightfully bitches about the frauds in Congress, but they have done something right, in Leader Mitch McConnell, and that would mean John Thune, came out early to block image Obama from loading another lesbian onto the Supreme Court to fondle John Robert's balls.

Now the Senate Judiciary Committee which is the big guns of the GOP, have just signed a letter to not have any hearings on Obama lezbos in 2016. This is the insiders on this and we need to be thankful and thank them for doing something right.

I detest Iowa, but Senator Charles Grassley has taken a stand for America, just like Governor Branstad did before the Iowa vote was stolen. We should praise Senator Grassley for doing this, as we now have a few more months to live, but my children and my brats, we have got to win the Presidency in November.

That means to keep this in mind in the GOP primaries. I am not going to stop backing Mr. Trump as I know he is all we have, as we would not be where we are now........AND YOU CRUZ AND RUBIO VOTERS GET THIS POINT, in Nevada would be about Jeb Bush sowing up his election cruise as your candidates were only window dressing and would be destroyed  by now.

We are where we are in Cruz and Rubio being viable, because of Donald Trump, So you fully comprehend that, you are alive in these primaries because of the Trump Campaign, and he is the only one who is going to get this done so we can now build on what Charles Grassley and Mitch McConnell have thrown up the fire wall for.

I do have appreciation for the 11 GOP Senators who signed this letter to Senator McConnell. It also means we will not have to deal with Ted Cruz failing in another Green Eggs and Ham non filibuster.

Committee Members

photo of Chuck Grassley


Senator Chuck Grassley (R - IA) Biography »


If Jeb Bush was in this yet, it would be another John Roberts or David Souter to betray America. We have a chance and that is it. We know who the Trump nominees will be, so let us get this won.

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