Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ted Cruz Daughter Abandons Him Onstage


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What I am about to say is genuine and sincere, and it is directed to the Ted Cruz supporters, as perhaps they can intercede in this, as I do state this directly to Ted Cruz.

Mr. Cruz has been using his daughters throughout this campaign as a prop. That is what politicians do. The problem is children are great props if you are winning in the Obama's having an election handed to you, but when Ted Cruz is being rejected by the Americans in majority, this kind of rejection filters through to little girls who hear things, see things, and find that "daddy is doing more important things than loving them".

In South Carolina in the video posted below, overlook the "Dark Side of Ted Cruz" but instead note that Ted Cruz is very upset in losing, and his oldest daughter is not wanting any part of this. This is the one he was pinching awhile back.

This little girl needs to get out of the spotlight along with her sister, and stop being hauled before the public, and go play with dolls during the day, with a great deal more of Mummy time, and Daddy had better be there first to read a story and tuck the kid in to repair what has been inflicted on her.
There is too much evidence now that the roller coaster of politics is harming this child, and she needs someone to advocate for her, as for whatever reason, the Cruz's are not seeing the problem that others are and are not protecting this child.

The fact in this is, Ted Cruz can not have the GOP nomination and his little girl too. I am not saying that to be cynical or trying to get an edge as that would be unfair to this child as she is in need of some away from stages. This is not waiting until after Texas or the RNC, this is NOW this needs to be done.

We all know Ted has a wife and two girls. They do not have to be on stage. He can probably spin this as he is prone to do in "Well I am looking out for my little girl and they will not be here on stage as props any more", and that would end it, and ninnies would think it was so adoring..........at that point I will rip Ted Cruz a new one, but for now this little girl needs to be protected from all of this.

So the shout out is to all of you  caring Ted Cruz supporters, get your man to get these girls off the stage and give them a normal little girl existence as they are doing nothing politically, but these politics are hurting them.
You Cruzlings prove what you are and deal with this situation as Ted and Heidi Cruz are not protecting this child.

Get it done and no one will bring this up again.

Ted Cruz Blasts Washington Post Cartoon of Daughters as Monkeys - NBC ...

Put the smile back on these kid's faces.

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