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A dead Finicum and a living FBI scapegoat

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With Inspector General Horowitz of the Justice Department involved in full scale criminal investigation of the FBI tactical sniper team lying in a cover up over events in Oregon in the Bundy Patriots on the night of the murder of LaVoy Finicum, I desire to point out something which all of you have missed.

The first thing you have to develop in this, is not to have your innocent mindset, but to become the mind of Internal Affairs, which is a law enforcement investigate unit in the police state which hunts the rogue cops.
There was something released in the press which made absolutely no sense, and I will begin this by asking you, "How many times while brushing your teeth do you miss your mouth and jam your toothbrush into your ear?"

What happened in just seconds after that crash could lead to criminal charges against the FBI agents.
Cox's video showed that one shot hit the truck's left rear passenger window as Finicum stepped out. At the time, Finicum appeared to have his hands at least at shoulder height.
Investigators later established that the bullet entered the truck through the roof before shattering the window and concluded it was fired by an FBI agent. Another bullet from the same FBI agent apparently went wild and missed the truck altogether, the investigation showed.

Let me guide you through this now in something which has made absolutely no sense to those who know the situation with trained sniper units, and it is the fact that an agent who fires thousands of rounds each month in training to bring about one shot one kill, not only missed LaVoy Finicum twice, but missed an object as large as a pick up. This is an impossibility, and yet a sniper who is trained to hit a quarter size target at any range, from any position, in any lighting, in any weather.....missed.......twice.

An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday.
The bullets didn't hit Finicum and didn't contribute to his death, but now all five unnamed agents, part of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is leading the independent inquiry.

There has been a great deal of lying, deception and cover up, by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing as he bragged about his multiple level operation being employed against the Americans in the Bundy Group, but it appears that we can ascertain that Ammon Bundy was to be a court trophy, led into a sting where he was arrested.
LaVoy Finicum, was to be stopped and from the reported actions, was fired upon at a traffic stop by someone opening up on him and his vehicle.
Fleeing Mr. Finicum as this blog showed, had a red laser dot aimed at his vehicle from above.
His vehicle in fleeing toward the Sheriff of Grant County, then encountered a BLIND CURVE. Meaning the FBI had created a roadblock on a curve that a  vehicle would come upon and not be able to stop without crashing into the vehicles or crashing into the ditch, which Mr. Finicum did in trying to save law enforcement lives.

We know from the first flush firing, the subsequent two shots fired into the direction of LaVoy Finicum as he exited the vehicle, that the first shot was meant to flush Mr. Finicum and the second shot is reported to have "gone wild". Store that in your memory for few moments as we will return to that wild shot.
Next we have the assassin shots by two Oregon State Troopers who murdered LaVoy Finicum.
Lastly we have the 10 minute barrage of the law enforcement using bean bags and stun grenades in which LaVoy Finicum was allowed to bleed out internally in dying and why it was ruled a homicide by Oregon medical examiners.

Let us now return to that "wild shot", for it is important. We know that the FBI snipers do not miss, and yet they did miss........or did they actually hit exactly what they were shooting at.
What you have missed is the first shot was a flushing shot to get LaVoy Finicum out of the vehicle and to produce return fire from the pick up, which did not take place.

The second shot was not fired at LaVoy Finicum as the footage does not show him reacting to any close miss. That means that the FBI which does not miss, was not firing at the pick up, nor at Mr. Finicum in his vicinity. That was not a wild shot in the least, but in understanding "the flinch factor" in those situations, it is reasonable to conclude that the FBI sniper had fired upon someone in the Oregon State Police, in a near miss, to induce a reaction from them to get them to fire at LaVoy Finicum as exactly took place.

Once the FBI had suckered the Oregon State Police into murdering Mr. Finicum, then a criminal cover up was necessary, as there was a dying LaVoy Finicum on the ground, who should have had medical treatment which would have saved his life, left to expire, as more rounds were poured at him in misses by the Oregon State Police, while "non lethal" bean bags and flash grenades were volleyed at the pick up to induce the occupants to fire at the police state.
That event did not take place for cover of this criminal act, and somehow a 9 mm pistol appeared on LaVoy Finicum, when his family swears he never owned such a weapon, and he never carried concealed, but wore his handgun on his hip, and that gun was back at the Malheur Refuge.

Next appears the major criminal problem in the FBI sniper team is well aware, as is every open mic that recorded this that shots were fired by law enforcement at the execution site first. The Oregon State Police know they did not fire first, but in an interesting psychological bitch slap, Gregory Bretzing started pointing the entire blame at the Oregon State Police, who were being high fived by the democratic governor, but that group trying to process what had happened in setting this all off, and they were exposed to the world in showing they murdered an unarmed LaVoy Finicum.

Enter the Oregon State Police forensics in the medical examination which lists Robert LaVoy Finicum as a homicide with three shots into Mr. Finicum's back. One life threatening, but if he had received immediate medical treatment, he would have survived.

In projection Oregon State Police must have started examining the evidence and reports, and discovered that someone was shooting to start this murder spree, and it was not them nor was it the Patriots. This then points to the FBI sniper team, who knew exactly the crime which had been committed, and went into criminal cover up mode, as what took place in Oregon was flushing LaVoy Finicum three times by UNIDENTIFIED LAW ENFORCEMENT who had not any FBI or State Police logos displayed.
The last stop was the kill zone if the other zones failed. No FBI agent or law enforcement just opens fire on people. There are ear wigs, and coordination. For this FBI sniper to have opened up on this vehicle, he was under orders from a chain of command. There was an understanding in this that as has been shown that LaVoy Finicum had to be flushed, that the Patriots had to be induced to fire, to give cover to the murders which were being planned.

We know for certain that the FBI sniper did this and it was on orders. We do not know if this was the team leader or if it was one of their subordinates. We do know that afterwards that all 5 members of this team created a cover up, as Gregory Bretzing went before America lying in spin control in placing focus on blaming the Oregon State Police and the Patriots, both scapegoats in this.

Somewhere in this someone talked and that is why Inspector General Horowitz has been unleashed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, which appears as part of the leverage operation to save Hillary Clinton in another smear of Director James Comey to force blackmail him over the Hillary Clinton email crimes. It would be better to force Comey to comply than resign, in where this would be a lengthy indictment and smear process of Comey, because all it would take in one sniper confessing there was an understanding with the higher ups and Director Comey would be in prison.

That is what the evidence absolutely points to. At core group, Special Agent Gregory Bretzing was running a carte blanche multi level operation, including Paiute Indians to smear the Patriots, disrupting and intimidating the Citizens of Burns Oregon to make them turn on the Patriots, and then the massive lying and cover up afterwards.
We know that the FBI had at least two moles in the Patriot group. We know that Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum were about to vacate the refuge and move to Grant Count to be protected there. That in Internal Affairs investigations then points to the FBI struck first, and in premeditation singled out Ammon Bundy for show trial and to murder LaVoy Finicum, in an interesting repeat of the Little Big Horn massacre in 1876 where George Custer was led into a trap, and the Indian Ring had the Indians murder Custer, in this case in Oregon the FBI had the Oregon State Police murder LaVoy Finicum, in leaving the regime's hands clean.

There has been an entire process all through the West in murdering ranchers, criminalizing them and seizing their property for the Obama Clinton mining interests. There was an agenda to make an example in a final solution in Oregon to stop this, and that is what constructed the operations which Gregory Bretzing oversaw.

Let us be frank in this, that Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Loretta Lynch and the billionaires behind this from Canadian interests to Bush fam, are not going to jail over this. If this is about blackmailing James Comey at FBI to stop the Clinton investigation, then this will all disappear, just like Ruby Ridge ended up with the FBI throwing a grand party for the criminals involved in those homicides in Idaho.

If this is legitimate by the Inspector General, then these 5 snipers were involved in a criminal cover up. They were under orders from someone higher up and that is where it becomes a matter of "Who is an NSA minder in the FBI who is going to be protected and who is going to be scapegoated."

There is a forensic unity of thought in those screened to be in the FBI. It is a collective mindset, and that is what took place in the Oregon cover up. There is reason these people all look the same in their George Jetson hair cuts, there same dark sunglasses, same never in the sun complexions, same predatory stance and  always huddled up in their compartmentalized groups.

These are brainwashed operatives who follow orders. They arrive at the FBI for validation in thinking there is a higher order which will glorify them, and soon enough are made cells in a body, of some being laws unto their own selves and all programmed to protect the  unit and to follow the orders issued written and implied, to advance.
They are told Americans are the enemy and that the system must be protected as the highest order. It is why the intelligence community uses the FBI against Americans to protect the continuity.

We already know that the crimes of the FBI in Oregon has nothing to do with protecting Americans from the FBI in it's police state operations. There would not be a dead LaVoy Finicum or piles of people in jail on trumped up charges, if this was about protecting Americans. This is about the system in protecting it, and the FBI snipers have just discovered that they are like the entire FBI, nothing but Ammon Bundy, to be dealt with for a higher agenda in a game of bigger stakes.
You are seeing who is expendable at the FBI for a political agenda and who are the political minders who will walk away from this with promotions, when they gave the order.


By Les Zaitz | The Oregonian/OregonLive
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on March 08, 2016 at 10:10 AM, updated March 08, 2016 at 8:13 PM

BEND – An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday.
The bullets didn't hit Finicum and didn't contribute to his death, but now all five unnamed agents, part of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is leading the independent inquiry.
The remarkable disclosure came as a team of local investigators released findings that two state troopers shot Finicum three times in the back during the chaotic scene at a police roadblock Jan. 26. One bullet pierced his heart, an autopsy showed.
A prosecutor ruled the fatal shooting was legally justified, saying state law allows use of deadly force when officers believe a person is about to seriously injure or kill someone. Finicum kept moving his hands toward a pocket that contained a loaded handgun. Although he was shot from behind, Finicum had a trooper in front of him armed with a Taser who was thought to be in danger.

Finicum, 54, an Arizona rancher, was one of the leaders of the Jan. 2 takeover of  the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns.
Investigators gave no details to explain why the one FBI agent, a member of the Hostage Rescue Team, wouldn't report the two shots. They also didn't indicate what his four colleagues did to warrant investigation other than saying it was related to conduct after the shooting.
"The question of who fired these shots has not been resolved," said Greg Bretzing, special agent in charge of the FBI in Portland. The federal agency is cooperating with the inspector general's investigation, he said at a news conference.

The revelation is certain to inflame suspicions about Finicum's death and shake confidence in the FBI, which came under intense fire for botched handling of violent sieges at Ruby Ridge in Idaho and Waco, Texas.
Some supporters have claimed Finicum was shot while surrendering, that he was unarmed and that he was shot nine times. The sheriff in neighboring Grant County, Glenn Palmer, described the police operation as an "ambush."
Finicum's family said in a statement a month ago that he was "executed in cold blood" and accused police agencies of deliberately misleading the public about what happened. His widow, Jeanette Finicum, didn't retreat from that stance after watching the news conference.
"My husband was murdered," she said in a statement.
The attorney for Ammon Bundy, the occupation's now-jailed leader, found the  news of the FBI shots troubling.
"I'm going to have to go back and reconsider all the conspiracy theories that I've written off," said the lawyer, Mike Arnold.
Investigators had planned to release police reports, interview transcripts, photographs, the autopsy report and new video to allow the public to evaluate the police findings in Finicum's death.
But they ended up releasing only one video and 19 photographs, citing the new criminal investigation for the change in plans. They also withheld the names of the involved troopers and FBI agents, saying they've tracked up to 80 threats against them, mostly on social media.
The shooting happened after police stopped a Jeep and a pickup carrying the key figures of the occupation along a remote stretch of U.S. 395 north of Burns.
Finicum was driving the truck that carried carried Ryan C. Bundy, 43, Ryan W. Payne, 32, Shawna Cox, 59, and Victoria Sharp, 18. In the Jeep behind them was driver Mark McConnell, 37, Brian D. Cavalier, 44, and Ammon Bundy, 40, the public face of the occupation. They were bound for a community meeting 100 miles north of the refuge in John Day.

Officer statements and cellphone video taken by Cox from inside the truck showed that Finicum repeatedly ignored police orders, first at the traffic stop and then after he crashed trying to elude officers. He nearly ran over an FBI agent before stalling in a roadside snowbank.
What happened in just seconds after that crash could lead to criminal charges against the FBI agents.
Cox's video showed that one shot hit the truck's left rear passenger window as Finicum stepped out. At the time, Finicum appeared to have his hands at least at shoulder height.
Investigators later established that the bullet entered the truck through the roof before shattering the window and concluded it was fired by an FBI agent. Another bullet from the same FBI agent apparently went wild and missed the truck altogether, the investigation showed.
Finicum then moved toward the back of his truck and out of view of Cox's phone, but she was still able to record what was said outside the truck.
Officers repeatedly ordered Finicum to get on the ground, according to the video. The investigation found that Finicum first faced a state trooper taking cover in nearby trees, then turned toward two troopers advancing from the highway.
Those two state troopers fired when Finicum turned back toward the trooper in the trees while reaching for a loaded 9 mm Ruger semi-automatic pistol inside his jacket, investigators said.
Finicum was struck from behind in the left shoulder, the left upper back near his neck and the right lower back, a state autopsy found. The bullet in his lower back migrated up and hit several organs, including his heart. He died at the scene.
One of those two troopers moments earlier had fired at Finicum's truck as it barreled toward the police roadblock. That trooper hit the truck with three rounds, investigators concluded.
"All six shots fired by the Oregon State Police, the three into the truck and the three that struck Mr. Finicum, are justified," said Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris. The shots were "in fact, necessary," he said.
Although Norris cleared the troopers of wrongdoing, the entire operation remains under a cloud with the disclosure of possible misconduct by the FBI agents. Law enforcement officials tried to blunt the impact, noting that investigating officers discovered and reported the alleged cover-up.
Just days before announcing the investigation results, hundreds of people gathered for weekend demonstrations scheduled in at least 35 states to protest Finicum's death. They repeated claims that police murdered the occupation spokesman and condemned what many said is the federal government's renewed effort to silence self-described patriots and militia members.
They were reacting in part to 12 more arrests last week related to the 2014 armed standoff in Nevada involving rancher Cliven Bundy, the father of Ammon and Ryan Bundy. So far, 37 people face federal charges related to the Oregon and Nevada standoffs.

The Finicum shooting investigation showed that the FBI and state police jointly planned the operation when they learned on Sunday, Jan. 24, through media reports that many of the occupation leaders would be on the road to John Day two days later.
State troopers were tasked with conducting the traffic stop at a predesignated area, near a U.S. Forest Service road where police forces could wait out of sight. A squad of FBI agents and troopers was assigned to set up the road block roughly two miles north to contain any fleeing suspects and to stop other motorists from driving into the operation.
The teams expected Finicum to be armed. He was photographed repeatedly at the refuge with a holstered handgun.
Investigators determined that five of the eight people in the Jeep and truck carried loaded handguns. Detectives also recovered three rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the vehicles.
Ammon Bundy didn't mention the weapons in a jailhouse interview last week with The Oregonian/OregonLive. "We were headed with weapons of laptops, projectors and PA systems,'' Bundy said. "We were going peacefully to a community meeting.''
The reports showed that Bundy wasn't armed. He, Cavalier and McConnell surrendered without incident.
Finicum stopped his 2015 Dodge pickup a short distance away. Payne, the tactical leader of the occupation, surrendered after a state trooper fired a plastic tipped 40mm pepper spray round that struck the truck's canopy. The other four people stayed in the idling pickup and Finicum launched into a back-and-forth shouting match with troopers, the investigation found.
He told troopers he was leaving to reach the sheriff in John Day. He referred to Palmer six times at the initial stop.
"The sheriff is waiting for us," he said at one point. "I'm going over to meet the sheriff in Grant County," he said moments later.
He taunted troopers to shoot him or otherwise let him go to Palmer. The sheriff has become something of a national hero among anti-government protesters for appearing to support the armed occupiers and opposing federal government control of public land.
"You want my blood on your hands?" Finicum shouted out the window of his truck.

Finicum then sped away, hitting up to 70 mph, the investigative reports showed. Two FBI pickup trucks and one from the state police were parked in his path down the highway, with agents and troopers arrayed around them.
After Finicum crashed into the snowbank and left his truck, state troopers told him at least three times to get on the ground, according to the video. The trooper with the Taser stepped through the snow toward Finicum.
"He was attempting to control or subdue Mr. Finicum with less lethal force after Mr. Finicum refused orders to get on the ground," said Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson, who led the investigation into the shooting.
Finicum repeatedly challenged police to shoot him as he moved toward them.
"You're going to have to shoot me," he said and was told again to get on the ground, the video showed.
"In the midst of that command, Mr. Finicum grabs his jacket with his left hand and reaches with his right hand for his gun," Nelson said.
That's when the two troopers behind Finicum fired the fatal shots.
"Mr. Finicum repeatedly and knowingly made choices that put him in this situation," said Harney County District Attorney Tim Colahan. "It was not the outcome that any of us wanted but one he, alone, is responsible for."