Friday, March 11, 2016

Ted Cruz Heart and Soulless

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those unaware of how Rush Limbaugh has been repeating the scripted line of "Trump voters  are fans and not that informed on issues", what you are hearing is the entire GOPliter talking points memos meant to smear all Americans.
If you need a refresher in this, Ted Cruz just repeated his hatred for all Americans in smearing that 76% of the GOP and 100% of the Democrats as being Limbaugh's low information voters. A humorous condescending line from a pseudo Harvard intellectual who has never grasped the reality of not sounding like a 3rd world taco eater in public, in not losing his sand spit accent.

Being a Trump voter, I know Trump voters, and they are in the group of the most well read, well researched, and informed of Americans. I receive enough notes and forwards from Trump voters to know they are all over the internet reading things and finding multiple sources. I am finding areas that I had not even ventured and this is who the Trump supporters are.
The reason they are for Donald Trump is they have judged him to be real and the reason they have rejected Ted Cruz is he is a proven fraud from being a birtha to what he did in election theft.

What each of you have to do is not be suckered into Ted Cruz's feint as that is what that little insult was that he had scripted for him was about. Ted Cruz knows he is not going to win anything in the GOP. He had one purpose and that was to destroy Donald Trump if he could. Now in insulting the very voters who have rejected him for being too informed on Cruz crimes, Ted Cruz is carrying out exactly what I warned all of you about..........and that is TED CRUZ IS WORKING TO ELECT HILLARY CLINTON, but so spiking his Boogers who were chosen specifically to be militant reactionaries, to fillet them out of the GOP.

I am going to keep reminding the Cruz Boogers of the fact that shatters their construct of Ted Cruz in the lie that Cruz is not an insider. Ted Cruz just incorporated thee entire Neil Bush fundraising wing of the Jeb and HW Bush fag billionaire money laundering operation, which includes Goldman Sachs.

I demean the Cruz voters answer that reality in how is Bush fam, the entire GOPliter elite, and the billionaire feudal lords, all funding Ted Cruz if he is such an outsider? It is because Ted Cruz is a CIA intelligence asset created at Harvard just like Obama, and now that he has failed in destroying Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is invoking the Glenn Beck mantra from his last CPAC visit in fracturing the Republican party into oblivion, so the Webster Tarpley two Democratic wings will rule America in socialism and communism.

Ted Cruz does not give a shit about America. By his entire actions in hating the Constitution, he has proven what treachery there is in him, and now with being outed as the ultimate insider, Ted Cruz is on mission to oversee crash and burn of the Republican party, to install that Rockefeller Republican Hillary Clinton into the White House to cement Obama's dictatorship.

Cruz  has no loyalties, no more than HW Bush was loyal to Ronald Reagan. What you see in Ted Cruz is the same FOX flip of their being all Bush, then being all Obama and now being all Ted Cruz in trying to destroy Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is soulless and I warned all of you, that this foreigner might just come out after the Republican convention to endorse Hillary Clinton to be her Attorney General where Cruz will be unleashed on all Americans who dared not vote for this fraud.

For those who need a Cruz reality check, I will remind you that Cruz while doing Texas cases for the Supreme Court had his own Les Miserables tale in trying to thrown someone into prison forever for a petty crime. That is what beats at the heart of Ted Cruz, and his new marching orders to destroy the Repbublican party in his insults aimed at Republicans proves what a scoundrel Cruz is and always has been.

Ted Cruz believes everyone is stupid not for voting for Donald Trump, but for not voting for Ted Cruz. Cruz as has always been the case in this weird little person has cowardly hidden in intellect to bully people and berate them, because he could never face the reality that people do not like Ted Cruz, because he is an obnoxious, self important, self righteous bore. Ted Cruz was told by his Cuban old man from the time he quit sucking tit that Ted was the second coming of Christ......and Ted has never been able to deal with the fact that he is unlikable and people do not like him. So Ted protects his little ego by calling all others stupid, as of course he is so he can only win by vote fraud.

So we come to a point, that like Obama aborting America who did not love him, Ted Cruz has embarked on holding the pillow over America's head for not loving him, and following the orders of the GOPliters to elect Hillary Clinton.

For the Cruz boogers, that is their reality which I have been trying to save them from, but the evidence is there. Cruz boogers would not vote for Jeb Bush, and yet now Ted Cruz is in bed with Jeb Bush. There is a responsibility in being a voter, and waking up to all of this.
Personally, the Trump voters have cleaned the deck of the entire GOPliter party. They have rooted out the Cruz frauds, and not been held hostage like liberals are to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The Trump voters have done what needed to be done against all odds to try and save America......and now Ted Cruz is doing all Bush fam and the GOPliters intend in destroying the GOP and installing Hillary Clinton.

There are no excuses any more in this. Ted Cruz for his GOPliter masters is going to try and destroy the Republican party and install Hillary Clinton for Bush fam.

Is this what you Cruz boogers want?