Thursday, March 17, 2016

Advice to the Cruz at Heart

As another  Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sort of feel bad for Cape Girardeau Rush Limbaugh begging people now to look at ugly Jethreen  Bodine Cruz now that Elle May Clampett Trump is out by the cement pond.


See what is amusing about this is, Limbaugh and Levin had made a profit off of hating Donald Trump for their billionaire Big Koch backers and it never occurred to them that Donald Trump was protecting Ted Cruz all along. The Cruz boogers never comprehended that the intelligent people in the room kept Cruz in the race for one reason, and that reason was to try and stop Donald Trump.
Cruz though now has reached his ceiling and purpose as the fatted calf and he is now a problem for the adults backing John Kasich.

This was all plotted out in Kasich was in this because the last primaries are in urban and eastern areas predominantly. Limbaugh in his ignorance can try to get people to look at ugly girl Cruz, but the reality is people did look at Cruz and found him to be the fraud he is.......a foreign born ineligible fraud, who if he got the nomination would be disqualified by the Obama Justice Department 24 hours from election day, and it would be Hillary as president.

I am going to tell the Cruz boogers their best chance in their snarling frenzy. They are like hyenas over a bone and out there is John Kasich, with full media backing, full power backing and he is going to take Ted Cruz's bone from him, and turn Ted Cruz into Mr. 3rd Place.

I will repeat in Ted Cruz is going to be in 3rd place as there is not any way Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut etc... or California are going to vote for a twangy gay jean Rafael Ted Cruz.

So what are the Ted Cruz options?

First one is he needs to get rid of that asshole Mark Levin.

Second option, do not listen to that cunt head Erick Erickson when he tries to get Ted to lose at 3rd party to elect Hillary Clinton.

Third option, disavow Glenn Beck as a fucking moron in public, and blame him for all of your problems.

Fourth option, go meet with Donald Trump in secret. Apologize to Mr. Trump and tell him that if he will nominate you to the Supreme Court, that you will throw all of your support behind Mr.Trump for a first round ballot win at the convention.

Fifth option, make your campaign a search and destroy against John Kasich to run interference for Donald Trump. This will be to ease your boogers into accepting what you sold yourself out for on the Supreme Court.

That is it, as Cruz's sixth option is political oblivion in being blamed with his boogers for the election of Hillary Clinton and the destruction of the Republican Party.

Ted Cruz has one way out and it is for Donald Trump to save his lying, pathetic ass. He now faces being a political footnote in history as some fringe lunatic, or the man Donald Trump appoints to replaced Justice Anton Scalia.

For you boogers, you are going to have to work for this as it is not going to be handed to you, after you have been such cheating obnoxious bullies. I am offering you a place at the table. Spurn this and you are going to be fed to the lions as John Kasich is coming......because given the codex odds, I will place my bets on Mitt Romney's vote fraud over Robert Mercer's vote fraud, as Romney has the machines and Mercer only has the one program.

So boogers, stop being snarling vermin that everyone wants to put down, and make yourselves part of the eco system under Donald Trump. I am the only one who has told you the Truth as your Ted lied to you from the start in how he manipulated you.
I told you what my purpose was from the start, and that was to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. I did not do this so you could steal my work in God and usurp it for Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is the only way out, and now for Ted Cruz, Donald Trump is the only life line from political genocide for the boogers.

You make up your minds today, as I am not going to keep educating you, and will leave you to learn the hard way. Your votes will make this easier to swat the Paul Ryan traitors into line. You wait and you will be come expendable as the Trump group will draw on more Democrats and then for the next 8 years you will have nothing for a voice, and in 16 more years you will have still nothing as Mr. Trump's Vice President will govern then.

I am trying to save you Cruz boogers from making fools of yourselves, because when Mr. Trump succeeds, you are going to be the morons standing around pretending that you voted for Donald Trump just like the revisionists all voted for Ronald Reagan.........until someone says, "Bullshit, you were that fucking moron who had a Cruz bumper stick on your Chevy!".....and everyone is laughing at you.

I mean this bi citizenshipper's kid even hates him!!!

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