Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Thermite Nuclear Weapon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Awhile back I posted something blind, meaning it had no explanation. I really did not intend to do this, but as I was so overwhelmed and exhausted I lost track of the data in trying to elect Donald Trump.

I do want to address this, as it is important, as most of you have probably heard vague references to nuclear bombs being used on the Twin Towers on 9 11 and perhaps on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, both blamed on terrorists........but terrorists do not use weapons as this type.

Gordon Duff is a proponent of this at Veterans Today as there is evidence that something is going on in all of this, even in Iraq, in which processed uranium keeps showing up in Iraqi hair samples and the children are malformed.

All of this is called nuclear weapons, but ....... it is like saying the sun is an atomic weapons like an atomic bomb and a neutron weapon is like a hydrogen bomb and that these mystery bombs are nuclear bombs......when they are not the same. It is akin to saying VD is all the same disease in gonorrhea, aids, syphilis, clap, crabs......when it is not.

That is what this white paper will explain in rudimentary form as I am not in the MIT structure of MIT with Zbigniew Brzezinski to educate terrorists how to construct THERMITE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Ok, so now you have a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, in a definition which has never been spoken of before, but it is in this category of these mystery weapons as John DeCamp of Nebraska was hinting at in mentioning about Hydrodynamic Nuclear Bombs.

I will explain this in the reality that like God, all things are water in image. Light is waves, sound is waves, water is waves......even rock when vibrated acts like water in earthquakes as there is a fluidity in all matter and anti matter.

Under certain dynamic pressures and shock, uranium, like all substances begins to act like water. I will put it more plain, in if you can make a fluid bomb, transfer that fluidity like a shockwave in water, the entire pressure is equal and deadly.
Fire in fact as is heat, mimics water, and that is what any "bomb" is, whether chemical or atomic.

What I am though taking you by the hand to explain though is the reality that metal burns.

This will confuse you as you will think, my cast iron pans do not start on fire, but your pan is not in the correct form or heat presence to become a bomb.

Thermite is one of the most fascinating substances of all time. It is aluminum powder and iron oxide or rust, combined. Ignite this with magnesium.....yes another element which burns at high temperatures, and you end up with a fire bomb which will burn through anything at several thousand degrees temperature.

That is the mystery in this in the mystery THERMITE NUCLEAR WEAPONS, because the base of this structure is U 235 or Yellow Cake which you have heard of as once that is refined to U 238, one can make an atomic bomb detonation through force and pressure.
That a Thermite Nuclear Bomb accomplishes though is something far different, as instead of an atomic transfer of power which generates heat and therefore pressure, a Thermite Nuclear Device utilizes the key components of what feeds fire in oxygen and hydrogen.
It is as I have written in my long chain isotypes of Lord Garth, creating an explosive so immense that it rivaled nuclear detonations.

We are not that overloaded in this, but we can see in patent data that is what the United States has been busy with, and it has the capability to burn uranium metal to release immense amounts of energy on target.

Pyrophoric materials



The reality is that there are many metals which will burn, some will ignite spontaneously as is the case in nuclear power plants, and some like Raney Nickel has hydrogen stored in it's structure which is really a power curve.

This should probably explain why none of this should be explained any further, because there is something out there which is far more dangerous than due to construct than atomic or hydrogen weapons, as a thermite does not need a nuclear chain reaction to be an explosive device.

At the base of this, was the odd report that the main columns of the Twin Towers were melted and still smouldering, with additions to signatures of radioactivity, and then the reports of nuclear weapons. That is what one gets when someone has a little science and not any comprehension, because if the tower base was imploded, it was not accomplished through atomic chain reactions, but by thermal reactions.....meaning the evidence points to a sun was lit in the substructure of the Twin Towers by thermal generation, which liquefied the metals as these are 3000 plus degree in heat, which turned everything to acting like water, and water does not hold up concrete.

No one has ever discussed any of this, as this is the last thing those in power would want the masses knowing, even as it appears that America has been busy testing forms of this type of weaponry in the Mideast. People simply stop listening when it comes to atomic things in thinking it is the end all weapon, when it is nothing of the sort. It is though in this thermite form something far worse as it is easier to construct, produces intended results on a smaller scale, and is available

This release of energy has been accessed and has been in use for a few decades. There are volumes of the core material being a problem in various locations from the nuclear industry, and while the focus to "get the bomb" is on the refined uranium, there is a reality out there which is far different which has proven effective. Think of it as you can not get an atomic ship into your boat house, because it would smash your neighborhood, but if you had your thermite duck boat, you could get into the  boat house and level the plot surrounding it.
I am not going to explain this further in how to enhance this or it's dynamics for security reasons, but this device is a different kind of destruction than the chemical reaction in a high explosive like C4, as it is thermal, and that in many ways makes it a worse problem.

I know none of you figured out the original posting and that is alright in this private conversation here, because it is best that mankind is stuck in ignorance and triggered by delusions of power, so they do not understand what little girls are truly made of.