Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Explanation of Control

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL has brought to my attention someone posting under the name TOONTOWN, who was worried over Robert Mercer and confusing titles of people I have written of here in the Cruz vote fraud.

I am going to give you the hierarchy in this.

1. The Board: Figurative name for those who rule.
2. Control: A person who manages the intelligence shadowlands for the Board.
3. The operatives such as George H. W. Bush organize the Sub Operational Groups or enforcers.
4. The fag billionaires: Nation rapists put into place by the sub operational groups to provide funding for the political party diversions. This is the Robert Mercer type who is a tool.
5. The fag politicians, media whores, who implement the various operations from MKULTRA to Mockingbird to make the sheep like you bleat.

That should clear up the who type of what I am defining..........and there are those who are above the board, an factions in this aristocracy.

There was another DEB on this site bitchy about the things which appear here as an anonymous blogger. I will answer that in if I named the people who run this in the top level, they would die, I would die, and all of you would die in this "control" would be removed.
These Ted Cruz apologists who are always booger eating in anything their candidates says is Gospel while the proven facts, as this blog is proven correct again and again.......just as I was proven correct and in the power this blog has as being an instrument of God to keep Donald Trump's campaign viable, by stopping the vote fraud in Michigan and Mississippi, to protect all of a long list of everything I have been right on, and it usually takes over a year for all of you to catch up with what is posted here IMMEDIATELY as events are happening. 

As I have stated it is easy for Cruz boogers, paid minders to infiltrate site and post diversions, and it is an impossible thing which this blog accomplishes by God's Grace. This is quite dangerous which goes on here and I do appreciate the few people who did donate for the first time. It is not the huge donations, but it is a help. For speaking the Truth here and for pointing things out, I have lost 1/5th of the donations, because people want me to validate their head up their ass biases, want to allow them to verbally rape me as an excuse for the deb existences and some are just plain scared in thinking they can save themselves, when that is not the case.

I am going to leave off at that, as more will only confuse people. There is a reason I do not play with nor out the aristocracy, the board, Control or the enforcers, as they strike like lightning if invoked, as Andrew Breitbart and others have found out.

When I tell you that Ted Cruz is a pissy little CIA recruit from college, groomed by the CIA Bush family to infiltrate the Tea Party to ruin it, and Mercer is allowed to think that the Cruz he purchased allows him to think he is a player, when all this is, is  Ted Cruz the mole gaining money from a Wall Street prop created by Karl Rove for the HW Sub Operational Group overt funding is the reality.
The point is in this, if you are seeing the people, they are NOTHING but trolls. When Obama talks about the powers that be......those are the fringes of the Board who you never see, as their roll is self confident like the Control in not requiring validation by the bleating sheep.

The warfare part in this is best left to Tim Rifat in his energy lines. The things the lords and the priests practice in the craft behind most of this.
That though would confuse you more and cause more rants against the Lame Cherry.

I have a simple challenge to those who want me to shut up about things. Stop being cheap, get your fag billionaires to pony up 10 million, as that would leave me around 6.5 million after taxes, as I always obey the IRS, and then I will be off to posting things of God, gardens, poetry and.......things like guns.
If you are one of these debs reading this blog in stealing from it and you have your fortunes, then I would be ok if a few of you got together and made that 500,000 dollar donation. I would much rather write about building a pond than Obama or Ted Cruz.

Look they can launder like 3 million to Michelle Malkin who is part of the enterprise to guilt money out of racist Republicans in harping about money for Ben Carson or some other Afroidism.......that I should be worth 10 times that, as what I write is proven right again, again, again and again......and again.

We now return you to eating boogers.
Followed by Rubio bath rubs in sweat.
.......and whatever the frauds are doing in the Hillary Sanders vote fraud.

It is just better if you do not think about the adults as you will never see them or be allowed to associate with them, as the cloth of the land does not cover the furniture in the ivory tower.

Just go out and support Green Finger Donald Trump, Mr. Renewable wealth in water, beef steak and fruit of the vine success. It is just easier having Mr. Trump shield you from all the booger eaters and boogermen, and you can go off and not be mutton.

God bless the faithful and good of you my children and my brats, for the rest of you, you are going to be perishable product unless Mr. Trump saves you, so there is not much blessing you for the curse you have laid upon yourselves.