Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jesus vs Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to that Jamie Dupree on Sean Homo Hannity, and I just have reached the outer limits with these Ted Cruz apologists.

The only reason Ted Cruz has any delegates is because of VOTE FRAUD in electronic e vote stacking and Cruz sending out lying emails against Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, yet we keep hearing the Dupree talking points from Cruz about how Ted Cruz should stay in the race.
To point out the ridiculousness of Canadian birthed Cruz, let us have him take on the real challenger Jesus the Christ.

Yes Cruz vs Christ for the Republican primary.

First of all what do we know about this Jesus character, was He really a True Conservative like Ted Cruz? I mean does this Jesus have the unquestioned principles as Ted Cruz, or is this Jesus just another person Who does not measure up to Ted Cruz?

Did this Jesus ever have Mark Levin, Homo Hannity or Rush Limbaugh vouch for Him like they have for Ted Cruz?

For that matter, what do we know about Jesus. What kind of family man is He? Can he show us His children on stage every night and His wife too?

Then there is Jesus past, of whipping moneychangers in the Temple. I mean Jesus is not being funded by Goldman Sachs like Ted Cruz, so how good can this Jesus be?

What about the reality that Jesus is loved by Evangelicals like Evangelicals love Donald  Trump, can we really be supporting anyone that is loved by Evangelicals who love Donald Trump?

This Jesus says all kinds of wild things like Donald Trump. Turning water into wine, walking on the water, raising the dead. Can we really trust this Jesus like we do Ted Cruz?

I mean Jesus is the Son of God, and Ted Cruz is the face of god. Do we really want the offspring when we have the real Ted Cruz before us?

What about that trouble with the law Jesus had like Donald Trump being sued. Jesus got Himself killed, can we really have a law breaker like that leading us, when Ted Cruz is available and only breaking the Constitution because he wants to lead us so bad?

The way I view this, Jesus has not been around for 2000 years, does He really want to lead, or is the natural leader Ted Cruz who is around now?

The more I look at this and think about it, we really do not need Jesus, as this Jesus does not measure up to Ted Cruz. So what if Jesus fed 5000, because Ted Cruz gave 5000 toys away to Mexican invaders.

What about Jesus and being born of a Virgin. Is not being born of a Cuban more what we are all looking for in being delivered in Canada?

Jesus eats honeycomb. Ted Cruz eats boogers. Surely Ted Cruz is a man of the people.

I can see by all of this, that Jesus does not belong in politics compared to Ted Cruz, and I can see that the Father in Heaven, certainly will be giving Jesus His walking papers, as when the Angels vote, they will be voting for Ted..........1/3rd of them demons like illegals, but in Tedworld, it is not the legality of the votes, it is the intent of the voters.

So we can all agree that Ted Cruz is the only one who should be in the GOP race. Hell it is Donald Trump like Jesus who should be getting out of the race and the Second Coming with Ted around, because Ted is just so Conservative and more one matches up to Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump and certainly not Jesus the Son of God.

I expect this to be the next talking point of the Cruz apologists.

I keep hoping that fire and brimstone will follow from Heaven, as the Father "testing men's hearts" in this Cruz fraud is  so utterly repulsive in you just know these Cruzlings are never going to that booger is too tempting and they are going to eat it every time.