Thursday, March 10, 2016


I can feel it now. The age has changed. It is now no longer the same. The travail is now the anguish. The fear, the new age will be, but on the other side of this cervix. The birth of death will now take place. It is in the channel. The stars speak different song now. The sky speaks different from the before age.

Oh for the last month, before it all began, before the time was initiated. Now it is not. The sisters there risen in the west. Orion points the way. The twins overhead, Sirius trails now long before the midnight hour.

So much sadness then, so much apprehension in a present, with a future that is tribulation. Oh Lord how long before the Light of Him Who shines through the darkness.

It is not the same sky. It plays no song as before. It is silent as the world screams from being ravaged. It screams a world rent as the space before her.

What of the bones which now wet, will dry and be covered again. What of the age of yore. What of that forgotten age, what of that age before.